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Idina Menzel, ‘Frozen 2’ Directors, Songwriters & More Discuss the Making of…

by Ace Damon
Idina Menzel, 'Frozen 2' Directors, Songwriters & More Discuss the Making of...

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First, there was "Let It Go", now there is "Into the Unknown". The Frozen franchise is known for launching empowering hits at the top of the charts, and the cast and crew of the film discuss the fan favorite song of the sequel in a new video.

"I really love this song," said Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa, about the music in the film. "All the melody, rhythm and lyrics were wonderful".

From "Into the Unknown" in particular, Menzel noted that "it has a loud melody and it is not easy to sing". The film's composer, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, elaborated this, explaining that the change in the octave goes "far beyond the limits, so it reflects what is happening in the story".

"We wanted to reconnect with the characters we love today," added Robert Lopez. "It was all about these characters going through life changes."

Director and writer Jennifer Lee compared "Into the Unknown" to "Let It Go". "With & # 39; Let It Go & # 39 ;, Elsa was rebelling. And that is a wonderful relief," she explained. "But there is also another layer of life, which is when your passion pulls at you, but you enter the unknown? This is a new kind of scary."

See behind the scenes of "Into the Unknown".

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