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Huawei's 5G tests reach unbelievable speeds in Switzerland!

by Ace Damon
Huawei's 5G tests reach unbelievable speeds in Switzerland!

Huawei continues to focus heavily on developing its 5G network in Europe, even after several attacks launched by Donald Trump, who tried to get several countries to ban the manufacturer as well.

One of the countries that has demonstrated a close relationship with Huawei is Switzerland, where new tests have been carried out on its 5G network. Through a partnership with operator Sunrise, they were able to beat the record download speeds achieved using a smartphone.

According to the data revealed, the tests were performed in a commercial 5G line and in a real environment, not being performed in laboratory developed scenarios. In addition, several smartphones have been used to make the results even more credible.

Download speeds above 3Gbps set new record!

In the tests performed, they were able to reach the speed of 3.67Gbps, which is simply unbelievable compared to the values ​​achieved in the traditional 4G networks. So far, testing in real-world scenarios has usually reached speeds around 1Gbps, making these results even more impressive.

These speeds were achieved by using 100MHz of the "C-Band" spectrum, which has a radio frequency between 4GHz and 8GHz. "C-Band" is commonly used by television stations as well as satellite companies. According to Huawei, the use of "C-Band" is crucial for 5G networks to be a real success.

In addition, Qualcomm has already stated that its current 5G chips are capable of speeds up to 7.5Gbps. However, these values ​​are only possible in laboratory experiments where conditions are controlled to the smallest detail.

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