How To Stay Positive In The Face of Nay-Sayers

How To Stay Positive In The Face of Nay-Sayers

Have you heard the expression that misery loves company, It’s true. If you surround yourself with unhappy, unsuccessful, grumpy people they will want and need and be required to bring you down to their level of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Whether you are trying to become a published author, quit your day job, retire early, or build your own business and you’re dealing with nay-sayers or negative people, there are a few things you can do.

First of all, find the right support group for lack of a better term, avoid discussing your plans with these negative people and keep in mind that your income and your happiness is the average level of the income and happiness of your five closest friends.

If there are people in your life who are demotivating and demoralizing you, think about this for a second. Is just one person doing it or is everyone in your life doing it, I know it’s very easy to end up with friends that you don’t like, so if there is one friend or a group of friends who really hold you back, you need to do one of two things.

Remove that friend from your life and find someone who will encourage and support you, or get that friend to change their attitude and change their language with you.

Accomplishing any long term goal or being in business with yourself is difficult enough without someone close to you sabotaging your every effort. But the good news is they might not realize what they’re doing. So if the same person, the same family member, spouse or friend is holding you back, it’s important to explain to them how much they’re hurting you and how much they can help you if they instead thought a little more about how they discussed your business.

It might not just be their fault, many times we get so excited and so enthusiastic about our next project or idea that we will tell anyone who will listen, and we will repeat the same thoughts and flush out the same process 20, 30, 40 times over the course of a month with different people online and offline, to the point where we’ve used up all of our energy just discussing our future plans instead of getting something done.

An idea on its own is worthless, what is important is that you take a good idea, implement it, and now you’re building and growing a real business. Once you grow that business you want to continue growing it, instead of staying where you are.

What you’ll find is in the same way that your friends and family and support circle directly affected the energy and the enthusiasm you have, they will also affect your income, and that means if you have friends who do what you want to do, who make the amount of money that you want to make, your life will become much-much easier.

To stay positive in the face of all the nay-sayers, find the right group of friends and the right group of business associates, take action and brag later, instead of discussing it first, and surround yourself with people who make as much money if not more money than you want, because your income is the average of your five closest friends.