How To Stay Determined and On Track

How To Stay Determined and On Track

If you’re anything like me, building your own online business and being your own boss, you know that there’s a danger of getting lazy or getting discouraged. We have to be our own motivator and our own cheerleader and we can do that with positive reinforcing language, encouragement from others, and by tracking our progress.

If you notice that you’re demotivated, or that speaking with other friends and family demotivates you, it might be because of the language that you use. A good example is the word “work”. How many people do you know use the word “work” in a negative context. I’ve got to get back to Work. I need to Work on this. Most of the time, a word like Work is not a very fun or good word.

What about the word “wait”. I am going to Wait around until this is done. I’m going to Wait and not do anything until I decide.

Words like Work and Wait will hurt you, especially if you overuse them. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you can get better.

Here’s what I mean, minimize the number of times you say words like Work and Wait today. Minimize the number of negative statements you make. For example, if you always say that this website sucks, this product sucks, this marketer sucks – well what’s good about that site, or that marketer,

For example, let’s say that you bought a product and you completely hated it, but you found one little nugget in that product that you were able to get good use out of. Or maybe you bought a product and it sucked, but it showed you several things of what not to do, and it made you realize that some of those things that you hated about that product or that book were things that you in fact had inside your own book or your own membership site, and so even though that thing you bought wasn’t very good it was worthwhile and money-making for you.

If you find yourself making so many negative statements, turn it around into I am making a negative statement but what’s good about this, what’s the positive outcome.

It also helps to have others encouraging you and speaking about your positive outcome. You need a support system, you need supportive friends and family, and that way when you finally have finished your book and you can hold it in your hands, or you run a successful product launch and make money, you want people to be proud of you and support you and not be jealous or envious of you.

By having these people in your life to pat you on the back and reward you, now you will feel good about making money and getting things done. Overtime, I want you to track your progress, I don’t mean to watch all your statistics like a hawk, but keep track of how much money you make every month, how many new email subscribers your making every week, how well your products are selling and so on, and use that as motivation to not only be proud of yourself but increase those numbers even more.