How To Sell A Digital Information Product

How To Sell A Digital Information Product

If you want to know how to make money online, it’s actually pretty simple. Everyone goes onto the internet because they need something solved or they need to find information.

We can call this a service or we can call it a product. For example, let’s say that someone on the internet needs help fixing their back pain, they don’t know what kind of back pain they have, maybe they’ve been to a doctor but they need some advice – not necessarily medical advice, but normal advice on how other’s have fixed their back pain.

What they might do is go to and look for a book, they might look for a video course on EBay or they just might type their problems in the search engines. Maybe they know specifically what kind of back pain they have, or if they just search a generic term, but they will do a search in a search engine and end up on some kind of website. They might end up on a free blog or on a video site such as YouTube, but many people simply want to cut to the chase and pay $10 or $20 for a report they know will solve their problems.

Hopefully they end up on your site where you can show that you will solve their problems, but how do you get to that point where you’re selling a digital information product online that solves problems, What you need to do is create your product, put it online and finally add a payment button.

Creating a digital product is actually very easy, open a word-processor such as Microsoft Word, type in 10 or 20 pages, you can add checklists, or bullet points, pictures, or hyperlinks to other resources, but create a simple 10 to 20 page report that explains some kind of how-to step by step system. Not just a list of tips or thoughts or advice or a journal, you’re getting someone from page one where they have some kind of problem to the end where now they understand their problem, they know how to fix it and they have several tools and strategies provided by you on how to fix their back pain, how to repair house, how to make money on EBay, how to become a published author or any other number of problems.

Create that written product and save it from Microsoft Word to a PDF document. Then what you need to do is put it online, get what’s called a web host at, get a domain name at NameCheap, and use their built-in file manager to upload your PDF document, and create two web pages. Create a web page where someone can click and download that PDF document and create another web page where you have a headline, perhaps a video, but some kind of a description of what they will get once they buy your report on whatever this how-to subject is.

Now the good news is that most of this can be accomplished with easy visual point and click tools where you don’t have to learn programming, you don’t have to learn a lot of software, install things or even hire someone to make the website. You can hire someone to make the website look better or prettier, but you have all the skills already to make a simple website and put it online.

And finally, to take payments, use a service called PayPal where you can get a button created. Someone can click the button and pay you $10 or $20 and after paying are sent to that download page where they can now download your report and consume it. And that’s how you sell a digital information product. Create it, put it online and add a payment button.