How To Repeat Or Update A Digital Product

How To Repeat Or Update A Digital Product

When you’re creating your report membership site or video course, you need to realize that course is not going to last forever. What I mean is that for example, if you show how to use a certain piece of software, like Camtasia Studio or use a particular website such as Facebook or Google, that information is going to become out of date after a year or two.

What you are going to want to do is approximately every one year, look at your top selling information products and update them or recreate them. Look at what people are asking, what the demand is, and what kind of products your competitors are teaching about. And when your products get out of date or you get bored, you can easily go back and improve that course.

There is nothing at all wrong with taking one of your reports or membership sites and adding a Version 2.0 at the end, and scheduling a day or a week where you simply go through and create brand new videos making the content up to date.

For example, I might have a course teaching how to use webinars, and in the course of a year I might think of a few ways to simplify the process or I might find a new technique on how to use webinars. So what I might do is create a brand new version of the course. I might keep the curriculum the same, I might add or remove a couple of modules, but I will re-record those sessions that I had previously created.

Something I recommend that you do is increase the price and sell this new course for a higher price than the previous course and offer some kind of an upgrade fee for people from – for example, Version 1.0 to now upgrade to Version 2.0. If you use a membership site, you can keep this very easily organized using levels.

What you should also do is look at what people are buying since you released your course. Maybe it’s time to promote the old course or promote the course and use that promotion, use that new money coming in as an excuse to create the new updated version of your course.

Finally, there’s nothing at all wrong with retiring a course, or taking it off the market if it’s not selling. For example, you might have a course about Facebook and Social Media, but you’ll realize that for some reason or another your interest does not lie in teaching Facebook or Social Media so instead of updating this course after a couple of years, you will take it off the market and simplify your life and simplify your business.