How To Overcome Perfectionism

How To Overcome Perfectionism

Tell me if you’ve been in a similar situation to this, you’ve written the perfect blog post or the perfect book, made the perfect sales letter, the perfect email, or the perfect product, but you hesitated. You looked at that and you said I need to correct the typos, the grammar, I need to run spell-check, I need to edit things, I need to go back and change all these sentences, and at the end of the day – you didn’t make any money. You didn’t publish that blog post, you didn’t upload that book, you didn’t send that email because of this crippling fear we call Perfectionism.

I want to help you to overcome that perfectionism and you can do that by choosing to edit later, choosing to make money from that piece of work now, and deciding to course-correct later.

The good thing about the internet and about most things is that you can edit later. Did you know that if you set up a web page and you look at it tomorrow, you can change it. You can edit blog posts, even with self-publishing platforms such as Amazon, Create Space, and Kindle, you can edit and upload new updated and revised editions of your books for free.

There’s no reason to sit or wait on a good piece of content. If someone gives me a good piece of advice or a good video or a good webinar or good presentation, and there are a few typos in it, but I can still understand the point that person was trying to make – it is still valuable to me. And that means that this perfectionist habit is all you, you’re the only one who is unsatisfied with the possibilities, anyone else would be happy if not thrilled to get your 90% perfect publication out right now.

Here is something else to think about, you could go back and spend several more weeks editing your book, but how much money is that going to make you, Wouldn’t it make more sense to publish what you have right now, start making money from it now, and while the money is coming in use that as motivation validation to go back and improve what you already have.

Think about this, what if you had three different projects to finish and each one would take you about three months of time total. You have two choices, you can either spend so much time perfecting all three and launching them in nine months, once all three of those three month projects are finished, or you could choose to finish one project launch it and make money. Three months later, launch the next project and make more money. Three months after that, launch the final project and make more money, but you’re money earning income the entire time.

One thing you need to realize about writing and publishing and internet marketing in general is that you don’t always know all the answers, and that means that you might publish a report or a product or a sales letter and your marketplace or your audience or your subscribers will focus on one part of that product. You can go back and revise and make the update version or Version 2.0 based on that feedback, but that’s feedback you wouldn’t have thought of on your own, so it’s better to course-correct.

I hope that helps you to overcome your perfectionism. Make a decision to edit what you put out later, because you can make money from it now and course-correct it based on your feedback and make even more money.