How To Outsource the Creation of your Next Information Product

How To Outsource the Creation of your Next Information Product

Writing a digital report, e-book, or even making a video course can be fun but writing, editing and slaving over your next product is not fun. That is why while it is possible to outsource some of the product creation process, you should do the creative, easy and fun stuff yourself and then hire out someone else to do the tedious tasks such as transcription.

I don’t believe that you 100% outsource the creation of your next product, but you will be happy with it. What you should do is decide what parts of making a product are creative for you. That might mean that you will make the outline, that you will make some of the bonuses, even record some of the videos but you might dictate videos and audios and have someone else transcribe them for you.

Then you can focus on making the information easy to use. My favorite way of doing this is dictating out some audios, getting them transcribed and then addiing screen shots in between parts of the transcript, so that when anyone gets it they can still tell that this was dictated by me, transcribed by someone else and then I went in and added videos or added screen shots so someone else could understand the material.

No matter what your niche is whether it is weight loss, self help, relationships, marketing, software or some other subject, it’s important that you have your own personality. Some people will buy your product based on the features, some are based on the benefits, and others will buy based on the personality simply because they know they can trust you and have enjoyed something from you in the past.

You still need to make videos and audios with you as the star, but have someone else worry about the tedious tasks such as outsourcing. I think that when you outsource your information product whether it’s a report, video course, membership site, audio course or home study course you need to have as much of you still in the product.

That means do the creative things like outlining it, choosing the course curriculum, making videos and audios, and making the user experience easy – do that part yourself but have someone else do the tedious tasks such as transcripts. Go back and make it easier to use by adding screenshots, and make sure that your picture, your name, and your words are all throughout the product.