How To Model Successful People

How To Model Successful People

Something you may have heard that you should be doing is to choose one or more mentors and then try to be like them. It really helps you to achieve your goals, get more accomplished and expand your business if you know who you want to be like. That’s why when you model successful people you should listen to their speaking, or their information products in the background, figure out what are their top three activities and top three avoidances, take their training and apply their course, step by step, so you can follow in their footsteps, but in your own way.

One thing that has really helped me always be in a good mood, write better and even speak better is to choose a mentor, buy their course or product and always have it playing in the background. That way when it comes to the time to make a decision or put some thoughts into words, you’ll think in that person’s tone of voice and in that person’s thought structure because you’ve had them on in the background. Think about this, if you had a depressing or a downer speaker in the background, you would feel down or depressed. If you had an exciting or knowledgeable, or uplifting speaker playing in the background, listening to that person would get you in a better mood and a better state.

Getting that person’s voice in your head isn’t enough. You also need to somewhat do what it is they do. By this I mean, if you want to get better at real estate, choose a top person in real estate, buy their course, listen to them and follow what it is they do. I know that many teachers and product creators tend to make their process seem complicated but most people focus on just a small number of things, at least successful people. That means if you’ve chosen that mentor figure out what are their top three activities. What things do they do themselves verses what they outsource. What do they not do that other people do do and look at what things they avoid. What parts about real estate do they avoid, Do they avoid the paperwork, the phone calling, do they focus on fixing up the property themselves, What specifically do they do and what do they avoid so you know what to do and what to avoid.

Now you’ve listened to that person in the background to get them in your head, you’ve duplicated their top three activities and avoidances, and now all that’s left is for you to take their training and apply it step by step. One thing that I see happen over and over, whether it’s in the internet marketing niche, self help niche, or any other niche, is that many people will buy multiple products or courses and try to apply them all at once. Instead buy your mentor’s course and apply it from start to finish, without getting distracted or without trying to apply anyone else’s information.