How To Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend
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How To Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Breakups are very difficult to get through, this is especially true if you are the one who messed things up in the first place. Guilt is another element that gets added to all the pain to make the situation even worse. There is hope, though. No matter what the circumstances of your breakup you have a real shot to get back your ex girlfriend, if you follow these simple steps.

Some of this will be very hard to do and it will go against all of your instincts, but if you follow them you will have a lot better chance of being able to reconcile with your girlfriend.

1. Put away the phone and forget about texting, emails, or calls. This is going to be one of the hardest steps to follow, but it’s imperative that you do. There are many reasons why this is so important.

For one thing, you don’t want your ex to think of you as needy and clingy, that is not a turn on. No one is attracted to insecure people and if you are constantly calling her begging her to get back together with you then you are sending a very clear message of need.

And two, if you are calling and texting her constantly, she will be annoyed and angry with you instead of realizing how much she misses you and the things you used to do together. Give her time to miss you. Stay out of touch for at least a few weeks.

2. Re-find you. No matter what type of relationship, or how good it may be, we all lose a little of ourselves when we are close to someone else. After a breakup is a great time to rediscover you. Take time to do the things you like to do but didn’t do while you were with your ex. Spend time with friends and family that you haven’t had as much free time to be with. Whatever it is just make sure that you take care of you.

3. Avoid the temptation to ‘hook up’ with someone new. There are a few reasons why this is a good idea. For one thing it’s not fair to the new girl. She shouldn’t have to deal with a rebound. You don’t want to cause someone else pain just because you are in pain.

Another reason why hooking up with someone is a bad idea is that if your ex hears about it it’s likely that you won’t have any shot at all of fixing your relationship. She may assume that you’ve moved on and she may just forget about any feelings she may have had of getting back together.

If you use these tips to get back your ex girlfriend, you have a real opportunity of getting a second chance to make things right between the two of you. Good luck.