How To Brand Yourself To Be Seen As An Expert In Your Niche

How To Brand Yourself To Be Seen As An Expert In Your Niche

When you are creating an internet presence online you need to make sure that when someone does their research or homework on you, and looks up your name they get lots of search results that demonstrate that you know what you are talking about.

You can be seen as an expert by putting lots of content in article sites, in other people’s blogs, have interviews, have your blog posts and create products and books.

The first thing you need to understand is that whatever your name is, unless it is a very uncommon name has tons of pages around the internet and blog posts, and tons of search engine results.

You need to make sure you rank as high as possible and you have the most content associated with your name. This means that you have a website. You should register whatever your name is dot com. You should be posting on forums, you should be writing and posting articles, and basically getting as much of your words and thoughts related to your niche online as you can.

If two people are identical and I am thinking about buying from one of them, but one has only 10 articles on article sites, the other has 1,000 articles. I am going to buy from the one that has more articles.

A very painless way to create much of this content is through interviews and blog posts. With an interview you simply find an expert in your niche. You can do this by searching on, searching high traffic and popular blogs in your niche, or even asking on your local niche forums, or asking your very own subscriber list.

An interview is very interesting because it has your name on it, and the person you are interviewing as well. This means that when someone is looking for this other person they are not associated with you because there are press releases, blog posts, web pages announcing this interview, and maybe even the interview itself.

Additionally, if you post on your blog on a regular basis about once a month even if it’s a short blog post, these are more and more pages that have your name on them.

Nothing will help you as much as having your very own product and/or book on the market. Making an info-product is very easy, just type a report up in your favorite word processor, save to a PDF file, upload it and now you have an information product.

To have that long line as a book, you can publish with Amazon Kindle, or Amazon Create Space if you would like a physical copy.

To be seen as an expert in the field, put out lots of content, run interviews and blog posts, and put out products and books.