How To Become More Personable in Your Products, Videos, and Webinars

How To Become More Personable in Your Products, Videos, and Webinars

When you come across to your subscribers, customers, and your audience as a real person, you will make more sales, you will be more effective, and you will have an easier time marketing, creating products and making money.

To be more personal on your videos and webinars, be interesting, listen to yourself and find out what other people like about you. Think about the reasons why people listen to you or buy from you. They do buy from you based on the information you can deliver and the results you can provide for others, but there’s a reason why people open up your emails before they open up others, or read your forum posts before other people, or even look at your blog before looking around in article directories or on search engines.

Many people are drawn to you and if you build a real business, including webinars, email auto-responder messages, blog post articles and other messages, people will continue to come back to you based on your personality, because the way that you explain things, the way that you teach things and show things is done in a way that makes sense to them.

When you explain certain ideas and concepts, it helps to weave it into some kind of a story. For example, let’s say that you were teaching someone how to flip a house, how to buy a home and then sell it. You could explain the steps it takes to buy and sell a home or you could fit it into a story. Instead of spouting off theory you could explain exactly how you bought a specific house, the steps you took to increase its value, sell it and make a profit from it. But just the fact that you shared your personal experience and your story and proved that you did it makes you that much more authoritative.

When you’re teaching something it’s not just enough to regurgitate what you’ve learned, actually do it and explain a case study to reinforce the knowledge you’re sharing. If you have other activities such as a hobby or things that happen in everyday life, incorporate that into your articles, your products and your teaching, so that you can capture more attention and keep that attention by being interesting.

The next thing you can do to become more personable is the difficult part of listening to yourself in your audios and videos. I don’t know about you, but when I first listened to myself in various recordings, I hated the sound of my voice – I knew that the sound my voice made to others was not the same sound I heard when I was speaking and it was difficult and painful, excruciating even, to hear myself slur words, speak too fast, and basically sound like a nerd when I was talking. But you need to power through that.

You need to get to the point where you can bare listening to yourself. The best actors do this, they listen and watch themselves and sure there are things that you don’t like when you hear your voice, but just focus on one or two or three things you can fix right now. For example, are there specific words that you tend to repeat, do you have nervous ticks such as saying “like” or “um”, so you speak too fast or too slowly, or do you not explain things enough or do you explain too much. Listen to yourself, and I know it’s painful but trust me after a few listens it will become easier and your speaking skills and likeability will go through the roof.

The final thing to do is find out what other people like about you, because you might have a very unique personality, you might have a cool way of explaining things. And if you can find out what gets people to like you then you can keep that in mind and emphasize that instead of removing it. For example, you might have a southern accent or a southern drawl if you will, and explain things in a very simple way. And you might think this is a problem to be fixed when in fact people like and listen and enjoy to your training because of the way you speak.

To become more personable on your recordings and webinars, be interesting, listen to yourself, and ask others what they like about you.