How to Accomplish Four Tasks Every Single Day

How to Accomplish Four Tasks Every Single Day

If you want consistent progress you need to complete at least four things every single day and you can do that by remaining focused, having an accountability partner and using a special tool called a countdown timer.

Focus is very important for you, especially if you want to run a business online, or just if you want to get anything done at all. It makes more sense to me to be 100% finished with one project than to be 10% finished with ten different projects. That’s why you need to be focused, that’s why you need to dedicate one day to completing one project. For example, setting up one single website, getting one particular promotion or campaign, or auto responder sequence in place. You need to have absolute focus and limit yourself to one project every day.

Now you’re four tasks, the milestones or breakdown of those projects and when you complete those tasks you are doing them in a hot seat kind of session. By that I mean that we aren’t using our computer or Facebook, for email, what you’re doing is sitting down at your computer, getting your tasks finished and then getting off the computer. Take a break, come back to the computer, finish another task and hop off that computer again. That way you are sitting at your computer, getting everything done at a very quick pace and then getting back to life, getting back to what matters.

One thing that will help you remain on track and will help you keep this a habit instead of an uncomfortable activity is an accountability partner. This means that when you sit down to get four tasks completed you tell somebody ahead of time what four tasks you will be completing. Then at the end of the day you report back to that person and go through which tasks you did and did not complete. You’ll be surprised at how more motivated you are because of the fear of letting someone else down and the possible pleasure of making someone else proud of you. You’ll actually be more motivated because of someone else than you are motivated about helping yourself out.

To get you finishing those tasks in the meantime throughout the day use a tool such as Cool Timer, which will allow you to type in a set number of minutes, for example 45 minutes. Then this timer will begin ticking down second by second, ensuring that you’re going to be finishing the task at hand. Because you have only a limited amount of time to write that article or set up that website, or create that video, you’re not going to be browsing the internet, surfing or doing any other time wasting tasks.

To finish four tasks every single day, have focus, an accountability partner and a countdown timer.