How Much Content Do You Need For Your Membership Site

How Much Content Do You Need For Your Membership Site

Whether you’re charging one single price or you’re charging a continuous month to month fee to allow people to access your membership tools and content, you’re probably wondering how much information, how much stuff, do you need inside that membership site.

What’s really sad is that many people over think this or think the wrong thing. People pile in way too much stuff in their membership site or not enough. If you’re charging a single price for your membership site just add one thing. If you’re charging any kind of recurring amount then add one new thing per week and on top of that ask your members if you’re posting too much, or not enough content.

A membership site does not have to be recurring. You can charge, for example, $20 one time for someone to access one video or a set of videos inside your protected membership download area, and that’s it. If they refund, they lose access, but after making that single payment they now have access to that membership site forever. They get what they pay for and if you have provided some information that is more valuable than that $20, then you have successfully done your job. You don’t have to go out of your way to add tons of content or tons of bonuses just for that $20 payment.

Have your sales letter explain what your training will solve, what problem you will help people overcome, and for that $20 overcome that problem and that’s it. Now, what if you charge $20 per month for some ongoing training. All you have to do is make a big deal and have one new item per week. This might mean that if someone is paying you $20 per month that, when they pay that first $20 you give them a couple of videos up front in the first week. Maybe every week after that you provide one or two additional videos that help them along in their training sequence. If you scheduled a new one hour video, even a half hour video, every day for that month your members would be completely overwhelmed and they wouldn’t stick around as long.

Make it easy and provide just one new thing, just half an hour or an hour of training per week for that $20 to $100 and that’s it, that’s all you have to do. If someone is paying you $20 per month just give them $20 or more worth of value every single month.

One thing that’s interesting about drip content, marketing and membership sites is that once you set it up, you might have to readjust, but because we’re doing things on the internet we can adjust. What I want you to do is schedule one new piece of content per week, after someone joins your site, and then poll them.

Ask them in your blog posts, even e-mail them personally, and ask them are they making use of your information. If they are getting bored maybe you should add in some extra bonuses at the start, and if they are overwhelmed you should space out the content more gradually so that they have time to go through your training and don’t get overwhelmed.

When it comes to posting content and dripping that content in your membership site, if someone is paying you one time, offer just one thing. If it’s recurring, post one new item per week and that’s it.