How And Why To Release Your Information Products Into Multiple Formats

How And Why To Release Your Information Products Into Multiple Formats

You may have seen other information marketers selling ebooks, audios, videos, and home study courses and you might be wondering what format should you release your information product in.

The answer is, all of the above, because different people have different ways of learning, whether it’s video for quick learning or a report for reference or an audio for mobile learning.

Making a video is the easiest way to create a product. At first it’s awkward, it’s scary and you might not be very good at it, but it’s okay if you’re a bad speaker as long as you have good information and can get your point across, and can solve other people’s problems. And remember, a video does not necessarily mean that you have to film a live-action talking-head video of yourself. You can just as easily record a screen-capture video using software such as Camtasia. You show what’s on your screen. So if you want to demonstrate a piece of software for example Adobe Photoshop, if you want to demonstrate a website for example Google Adwords – you can bring it up on your screen and record it and that now becomes a video that you place on a web page.

Even if you are teaching in a niche that does not necessarily require software or a web page, you can create a PowerPoint presentation with images and text, display that in full screen and record your full screen video and you are now creating a PowerPoint video.

Now when you record that video, you’re going to have a tendency to go long or to think of things you wouldn’t have thought before. This is why after making the video you should get it transcribed into a report.

If you’re not comfortable getting your video transcribed, then write the report using your presentation as an outline.

Videos are great for quick learning, somebody can watch a 20 minute video and pick up a whole new skill, but they might need the report to repeat that skill, to go back and use this reference guide over and over again. It’s completely okay if you are selling a video online to get the video transcribed and include it, not as a separate product, but include it as part of the package.

And a very easy bonus for you to make as part of an info-product package is to create an audio file. Most video software, including Camtasia, will allow you to save your video recording as an mp3 audio. So someone can listen to your information in their car or on their phone.

Even if you don’t have a video, you can simply pick up a sound-recording tool such as GoldWave or Audacity and dictate your report, read your report out loud, record it, now you have an audio.

Those are the different formats you should release your information product in. A video for quick learning, a report for reference, and an audio for mobile listening.