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HONOR Gaming+ Technology Boosts Graphics Performance

by Ace Damon
HONOR Gaming+ Technology Boosts Graphics Performance

The HONOR View20 had already reached the milestone of 1.5 million sales since last month when it was unveiled in Paris.

Now, with Gaming+ technology, the manufacturer has further improved the smartphone’s graphics performance.

At the Mobile World Congress 2019, HONOR launched its revolutionary Gaming+ technology.

Gaming+ includes many technological upgrades that significantly increase performance, graphics quality and image definition of mobile games in HONOR View20.

These updates were made at the same time that HONOR also announced an ecosystem of applications using its 3D TOF camera, which are precursors to a new era of Augmented Reality (AR) life.


Mr. George Zhao, President of HONOR, said, “HONOR is pleased to announce that the newest member of the HONOR View series, HONOR View20, has already reached the milestone of 1.5 million sales.

We are getting closer to our goal to become one of the top five smartphone brands in three years.

With revolutionary Gaming + technology, we further enhance smartphone graphics performance, meeting the ever-increasing demands of young consumers for a better mobile gaming experience.

Together with the TOF 3D camera’s futuristic applications, HONOR is bringing consumers the most diverse and exceptional experiences.


The HONOR View20 was launched in Paris last month with five modern features worldwide including 48MP smartphone camera, 25MP front screen camera, 7nm Kirin 980 IA chipset, triple antenna Wi-Fi technology of AI and design in aurora nanotexture.

Gaming+ technology enhances the gaming experience by upgrading the entire system with GPU upgrade efficiency, GPU load optimization, high definition, and load forecasting AI technology.

With these advancements in the Kirin 980 chipset, HONOR View20 strives to deliver the highest level of performance in mobile gaming.

According to Honor, Gaming + technology improves the energy efficiency of the state of charge (SOC) by 20.34%.

Updating the Mali-G76 GPU chipset on the Kirin 980 includes transformation optimization, which improves job scheduling and parallel computing.


This reduces duplicate instructions and overruns in the GPU and also increases the data transfer speed between CPU, GPU, and memory.

The Kirin 980 GPU works seamlessly with innovative AI frequency programming technology to predict task loads by monitoring frame rate per second (fps), image quality and inputs of touches on the screen in real time and intelligently identifies performance difficulties.

For games, the new AI technology improves the prediction accuracy of each image by more than 30% when compared to traditional methods.

Another important feature, GPU optimization, improves image quality and reduces power consumption. The upgrade also brings high definition capability to the game, achieving better contrast, higher brightness levels, and a wider color palette.


As a result of upgrading Gaming+ technology, the Fortnite Vulkan version can also be supported on HONOR View20, giving players a faster and smoother experience.

Also, popular mobile games such as QQ Speed and the Arena of Valor have been optimized to support the high-definition feature.

Players can now enjoy greater clarity and capture more detail. Besides, the TOF 3D camera from HONOR View20 creates a new dimension of interactive play and more possibilities for the next generation of life in RA.

This camera is equipped with depth sensor, skeletal recognition, and real-time motion capture capabilities, allowing consumers to enjoy various interactive functions such as 3D modeling, AI calorie counter, magic RA and controlled 3D gaming by movements.

Brave Jelly is the latest motion-controlled game added to the family.


HONOR plans in the future to partner with more third parties to create an integrated 3D TOF ecosystem that will usher in a new era for measures, social media, and AR shopping.

At the regional level, the HONOR View20 achieved excellent sales performance. In China, HONOR View20 was crowned as double champion (sales and sales revenue) on the online platforms in the price range of RMB 3,000 and above.

In the first week after its launch in France, the latest major product has become the number one Amazon among the Best Sellers in the category of EUR 499 and above.

It was also considered the Top Selling Smartphone by Senheng, one of Malaysia’s leading independent retailers.


According to Honor, since its launch, last September, more than 10 million HONOR 8X series handsets have been sold worldwide. From the beginning of March, the new HONOR 8X blue ghost will be sold on Fnac in France, Amazon in Germany, Hihonor in the United Kingdom and open market in Italy (including Mediaworld, Unieuro, etc.).



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