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Historically Modern Designs Coffee & Chai Tea Mug

by Ace Damon
Historically Modern Designs Coffee & Chai Tea Mug

We’ve recaptured a rich, handcrafted Indian tradition to bring you beautiful and versatile drinking mugs that are far more than your average coffee cup.

Whether you drink tea at home or crave coffee at work, you’ve always got a cup standing by ready to help you enjoy your brew. But it’s essential you don’t just settle for any run-of-the-mill mug because you’re not a run-of-the-mill person.

When you want to stand out and still enjoy your favorite beverage in a unique style, then reach for a Historically Modern Designs Brown Chai Tea Mug and show the world how bold you are.

Unique Inspiration These hand-crafted Indian Kulhar mugs were inspired from the traditional small, unglazed terracotta cup used for serving freshly-brewed chai tea on the streets of India.

Typically, these cups were only used once and then thrown away to be reabsorbed into the soil. We’ve kept this unique story and craft alive by creating the same red Earth clay mugs but coating them with a food safe clear glaze. This lets you maintain the spirit of the Kulhar but with the ability to reuse them time and again.

Its beautiful design is highly stimulating and will make you want to drink anything out of it.

Use it for both hot and cold drinks with no problems at all. It does get sweltering when making tea, but by the time your tea has cooled enough to drink, the cup itself will have cooled enough to hold. Fill it with ice water and depending on the temperature of the room it may sweat a little, but not excessively.

At 12oz, it’s just the right size for a cup of tea. It fits in the hand perfectly and provides a warm and cozy tea drinking experience.

It’s microwave, dishwasher, and food safe making reheating and cleaning very easy. It is highly recommended this beautiful piece!
HANDCRAFTED STYLE – Crafted with gorgeous red Earth clay, this multipurpose cup features a black glazed interior to make it truly unique.

VERSATILE DRINKWARE – Perfect for coffee, tea, cocoa, rum, or even works great as a Cantarito de Barro cocktail glass!

TRADITION EXPANDED – Used for thousands of years, we craft our Indian Kulhar by hand so you can enjoy their style and versatility in your own home.

KITCHEN FRIENDLY DESIGN – These kiln-fired kitchen mugs are food-grade safe and glazed inside and out, making them microwave and dishwasher safe.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We pride ourselves on capturing the traditional handmade Indian Kulhar mugs perfectly, which is why every order is backed by a money back guarantee.



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