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Help with a flat tire: unfortunately you can't risk it

by Ace Damon

I don't know about you, but the feeling of despair and helplessness at the news that the body of young Mariana Forti Bazza, 19, was located after she accepted help from a stranger to change the car's tire is overwhelming.

Physical therapy student, Mariana disappeared on the morning of Tuesday (24) after leaving the gym she attended in the city of Bariri, in São Paulo. She even sent a picture of the man who offered to "help her" to her boyfriend.

Young man disappears after receiving help from man to change tire

The suspect was found in the city of Itápolis with the victim's car. Arrested, he told police that the girl was dead and pointed to the location of the body, a sugarcane plantation in the municipality of Iacanga.

What woman, my God, has never been in a similar situation? Does the tire of the car puncture, does anyone approach, offer help, and do we accept, believing that the man is in good faith?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of women do not learn to change a tire. It is part of this culture that creates division of labor between 'male' and 'female' and everyone believes it. And the activity, as ordinary as it is simple, ends up being restricted to men, placing the vast majority of women in yet another position of vulnerability. If it's on a road, even worse.

Police locate missing youth body after tire change

I have already lost my tire by walking miles until I found an open post, and yet I felt a chill on my spine as male 'help' came through. Who ever, right? Unfortunately, you can't trust anyone. Mariana's tragic story shows that it is impossible to judge the other by our rule. Not everyone is good. Not everyone is good. Even the banal help to change a tire we need to suspect. What a horrible place to live that we are turning.

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