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Harry Styles on ‘SNL’: See the Best Reactions on Social Media

by Ace Damon
Harry Styles on 'SNL': See the Best Reactions on Social Media

Fans of Harry Styles went crazy on social media after the British singer and actor played a double role as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

During the November 16 episode, Styles raised a few eyebrows at his opening monologue, jokingly comparing former One Direction member Zayn Malik with Ringo Starr, a reference to Starr leaving the Beatles, just as Malik left 1D. Later in the show, Styles displayed his comic chops on a skit where he played a Chihuahua turning into a man, and another drawing of him depicting a wild DJ at a funeral.

As a musical guest, Styles performed new songs "Watermelon Sugar" and Lights Up "on their upcoming sophomore album.

Fans don't seem to tire of Styles's look on SNL, posting dozens of program photos, hilarious memes and video clips on Twitter. Below are some of the best social media reactions to Styles on SNL.

nevermind, look at my profile 🙂 @Harry_Styles https://t.co/aPXnnoGAO0

– no claims track 7 at #FineLine (@semanurmaden) November 17, 2019

Harry has styles! ⭐️ pic.twitter.com/UkZLvaEAPR

– Tabithalee (@ ScottMike1112) November 17, 2019

Harries after watching Saturday Night Live …..#HarryOnSNL pic.twitter.com/Mb3LBbXV7g

– Harry Styles Updates (@thestylespics) November 17, 2019

@HarryStyles Fight the puppy prank on SNL Skit and we're here for it: WATCH pic.twitter.com/hh0LUCuAM0

– TheFatGreek (@SavasAbadsidis) November 17, 2019

– The one and only @Harry_Styles released a new song, so stream ——————– ———-!

So incredibly proud of our little cherry —- pic.twitter.com/p3VUxf7Dlt

– —— —- ———— ———- (@donnyeskimo) November 17, 2019

harry on saturday night live and the release of watermelon sugar ????? how do i handle all this #HarryOnSNL pic.twitter.com/Mv7Ql3JTnP

– emily❄️ – ☃️❣️ (@emilykayr_) November 17, 2019

Now you are allowed to die.#harrystyles pic.twitter.com/I3PT4Xf0tZ

– Anastasia fok Varzov ◟̽◞̽ (@colfersushanka) November 17, 2019

The moment I made the weirdest sound ever #HarryStyles #HarryOnSNL pic.twitter.com/68hYGTjA3N

– Girl, let me tell you … (@impurrrrrfect) November 17, 2019

watermelon sugar-harry styles pic.twitter.com/WY25qNgeP1

– bill hader dancing (@billhaderdancin) November 17, 2019

The dream boy. #HarryOnSNL #HarryStyles pic.twitter.com/ZBnvFQHC8w

– Aurora __——– ——– —— ———- (@DouKnowWhouAree) November 17, 2019

ringo was the first member to leave the beatles …. zayn was the first to leave 1d. This is literally all Harry, understood by his joke. you need to calm down, it wasn't that deep

– s (@louisoftimes) November 17, 2019

Harry said, "I used to be in a boy band now I'm in the men band, but I love those boys who are my brothers, Niall Lou Liam and mmm oh Ringo" pic.twitter.com/w50Whac0fE

– ORCHID & # 39; SNL TODAY & # 39; – (@kissyharryxxx) November 17, 2019

"I'm Harry Styles. Treat people with kindness. Good night. Thank you!" pic.twitter.com/bN12WUhpVY

– ruth (@fireproofruth) November 17, 2019

Harry Styles wearing Christopher Kane's sex shirt? I love to see it. pic.twitter.com/nknFf6Elb5

– Ξvan Ross Katz (@evanrosskatz) November 17, 2019

Doug is so cute – #HarryOnSNL #HarryStyles pic.twitter.com/1AZueoq5MA

– ———- ♡ -20 – (@_polariis_) November 17, 2019

Harry quiz notte al #SaturdayNightLive! pic.twitter.com/L0a21o8xKO

– Harry Styles Italia. (@HSupdatesItalia) November 17, 2019

Harry when someone asks if there are songs longer than 3 minutes in #Thin line pic.twitter.com/FTDyVCyD4M

– I'm sweaty (@radda_styles) November 17, 2019

Hostia @harrystyles pic.twitter.com/Tv3eTTNew2

– Alber– (@albernjvn) November 17, 2019

Marcel update? –#HarryStyles #HarryOnSNL pic.twitter.com/EXgSqTP5I7

– FineLine StyleS ♡ 2019– (@yourebestever) November 17, 2019

harry styles on

2017-2018 2019-2020 pic.twitter.com/lGo3GyAtSQ

– —-. ——– (@imybIood) November 17, 2019

men will camp out for iphones and cry in sports, but will have the audacity to embarrass girls for getting excited about harry styles https://t.co/CdlXafAYyF

– mia (@miaxmon) November 17, 2019

Choose your fighter #HarryStyles pic.twitter.com/ezmcrpG2GU

– The rise of emos (@badgalpili) November 17, 2019

Jeff is going to be a busy guy !! Offers will be flooded by #HarryStyles. He proved last night, once and for all, there's nothing he can't do !!
Good news for us, we'll be seeing a lot of Harry for a
long time. pic.twitter.com/u47nQ61RwT

– Toni (@ToniItalydancer) November 17, 2019

Can I play trumpet at one of your shows to get watermelon? —- —— ⬆️– @Harry_Styles @HSHQ pic.twitter.com/5QfEc4lhjZ

– Natali Susette (@NataliSusette) November 17, 2019

only Harry Styles can do that pic.twitter.com/blW7DVzhvR

– Ornella -. (@hsftheaven) November 17, 2019

musical host and guest, harry styles! pic.twitter.com/5r2rFTH1W3

– ——————– ✰ (@hstyIwt) November 17, 2019


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