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Harry Styles Brings Out Stevie Nicks, Performs ‘Fine Line’ for One Night Only at…

by Ace Damon

Finally, Harry Styles' long-awaited second album, Fine Line, arrived on Friday (December 13), and what better way to celebrate than to play the full album for 17,500 of its biggest fans?

Styles took the stage at the Los Angeles Forum, where he played Fine Line on the order for the full list. Adorned with his pink and white David Bowie-esque set of album cover art, The singer was greeted by shouts that shook the venue. Although the album was available for less than 24 hours, the crowd (unsurprisingly) sang all the lyrics as if they had known them for years.

The live show was as exciting as the album itself (which Styles recently said Rolling Stone it's "all about having sex and feeling sad"), from the melancholy sea of ​​phone lights accompanying "Falling" to the "awww" collective in response to the devastating lyrics of "Cherry" in which Styles asks: "Does he take you walking through his parents' gallery?"

On the other hand, the show was also an exalted celebration of a singer who confidently discovered his sound and who he is. With that said, kindness has been Styles's motto, often encouraging fans to love and accept each other. The notion was no different at the Forum, where the singer assured participants that "they can be who they want tonight". And the theme reached its peak and visual representation in the penultimate song "Treat People With Kindness," during which Harry jumped and played around the stage, smiling and interacting with the crowd that lovingly shouted the title back to him as they embraced.

The highlight of the evening came during the encore when Styles returned to the stage to sing the song that began his solo career, "Sign of the Times" 2017. Two years after its release, the touching performance really showed how much Styles grew from one nervous singer to be seen separated from One Direction for the first time and simply from a rock star.

But that is not all. The encore included four more songs, including 1D's "What Makes You Beautiful," Paul McCartney's Christmas Classic "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime" and his classic barn recording show, "Kiwi."

Oh, and he casually brought Stevie Nicks, whom he described as a "light" for his career. The duo played Fleetwood Mac's timeless "Landslide" as they gently held hands and danced together. "I know, cool, don't you??" Styles happily admitted to the cheering crowd.

Stevie Nicks and Harry Styles singing Landslide —- ❤️ —- pic.twitter.com/XKyFUnmoJj

– ————. (@BrendaMorose) December 14, 2019

The singer ended his celebration with a simple expression of gratitude: "The album is yours, I'm yours. I couldn't ask a more amazing group of people to play my song."


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