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Gun race is coming: Russia says global tension is political fault …

by Ace Damon
Gun race is coming: Russia says global tension is political fault ...

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Russia's foreign policy chief blamed the United States and its "aggressive" policies on Friday as blamed for rising global tensions, and noted that Washington is reluctant to extend the key nuclear weapons pact.

Sergei Lavrov, who serves as interim foreign minister after the resignation of the Russian cabinet on Wednesday, said that no immediate results were achieved after this week's meeting between US and Russian diplomats on strategic stability, but called for "the dialogue continue ".

Relations between Russia and the United States have collapsed since Crimea reunited with Russia after a referendum in 2014 to anger Ukraine.

At an annual news conference, Lavrov declared that the United States obstructed Russia's attempt to extend the New START nuclear weapons treaty, which expires in 2021.

                    Sputnik / Aleksandr Kryazhev

Topol intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile complex

The agreement is the most recent in force for arms control between the United States and Russia. The diplomat argued that his disappearance will bring down the last barrier that contains an arms race.

"We will act vigorously to avoid depriving the world of the agreements that control and limit nuclear weapons," said Lavrov. "We support the extension of New START without preconditions. I hope the Americans will listen to us, but we have not received consistent signals from them," he added.

The government of U.S. President Donald Trump has pressured China to join the reduction of nuclear weapons, but Lavrov described the idea as unrealistic. He mentioned Beijing's refusal to reduce its nuclear arsenal, which is much smaller than that of the United States or Russia.

Lavrov emphasized that pressure from the United States on Russia to motivate China to change its mind does not make sense.

"We respect the Chinese position and we don't want to convince China to change that."

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