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George Lucas alters Han Solo scene in "Star Wars" – again

by Ace Damon
George Lucas alters Han Solo scene in "Star Wars" - again

New version was found on Disney Plus streaming, which debuted on the 12th in the USA. The scene has been changed so many times that it has become a meme among fans of the saga.

By Rafael Battaglia


Nov 13, 2019, 7:08 pm – Posted on Nov 13, 2019, 7:05 pm

(Press Release / Lucasfilm)

Disney Plus, Disney's streaming platform, debuted last Tuesday (12). The launch, however, was not worldwide: only the USA, Canada and the Netherlands received the news. While the service does not arrive in Brazil, the way is to be content with the information that comes here. And one of them, released a few hours after the premiere, concerns Star Wars – but it's not about Mandalorian, a Disney Plus exclusive series. This is a change in one of the scenes from the first movie, A New Hope, 1977.

In this scene, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) talks to bounty hunter Greedo inside the Mos Eisley canteen. The alien argues with Han about the money he owes. When Greedo threatens him, the Millenium Falcon pilot kills him with a pistol shot. This is the original version, which is in the 1970s film. It turns out that George Lucas, creator of the saga, decided to change it in the remastered version of the film, released in 1997. In it, Greedo is the one who shoots first and, with the help of Special effects of dubious taste, Han dodges the shot and only then ends the hunter's life.

In the video below, there is a comparison between two versions – the original from 1977 and one from 2004, which was further altered by Lucas:

Lucas has made several changes in the saga over the years. Some welcome, such as audio and color corrections; others not so much, as replacing the computer graphics of some characters and, of course, the scene of the shooting. The 2004 modification made Han and Greedo shoot at about the same time. A third change, made for the 2011 Blu-Ray edition, further narrowed the gap between the two shots.

The reason for all this? To Lucas, the original scene gave the impression that Han would actually be a "cold-blooded killer," and decided to change it. But fans never liked the issue, claiming that the character's attitude was consistent with his personality at that time in the story. The phrase "Han shot first”(“ Han shot first ”) turned out to be a joke among fans of the saga.

However, with the release of the Disney Plus service, a new version of the scene emerged. The dialogue between the two characters, which ended with a Han sentence, now ends with Greedo uttering an untranslatable word: "Maclunkey":

According to the website The verge, the new version was edited by Lucas himself years ago, before Star Wars was bought by Disney in 2012. About the mysterious word, some fans on Twitter they said that she had already been pronounced by another character in the saga: Sebulba, a pod pilot facing Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. "Maclunkey" by all means means "that will be your end."


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