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‘Game of Thrones’ May Be Over, but the Magic Continued at Los Angeles’ Live…

by Ace Damon
'Game of Thrones' May Be Over, but the Magic Continued at Los Angeles' Live...

Game of Thrones fans said goodbye to the hit fantasy television series in May, but winter was still long here at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Award-winning composer Emmy Ramin Djawadi has kept Westeros's spirit alive with his Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience tour. The Iron Throne was ominously displayed in the center of the scene all night while an orchestra played the iconic and moving live soundtrack. The scenes of the show were reproduced chronologically in the background, reminding the crowd of all the emotional moments of the epic's eight seasons.

And, boy, were the fans invested. From the devastating silence on the site during heartbreaking moments such as Ned Stark's beheading and the Red Wedding, to the triumph cheers and proclamations of “House Stark!” When Arya Stark kills the King of Night and Jon Snow's eyes they open after your lifeless body is revived. From the magic of Melisandre, every moment that made the show so captivating first gained an extra layer of passion thanks to the live musical element.

The performance of "Dracarys" was impetuous – literally, as pyrotechnics shot from the stage along with a powerful violin accompaniment to intensify and solidify Daenerys Targaryen's reign as the Mother of Dragons.

An easy highlight of the night was when Djawadi himself sat at the piano to perform the nine minutes of “The King of the Night,” when the 17,000 audience relived the roller coaster thrills of the terrible and painful battle between the living. and the dead in the third climactic episode of the final season, "The Long Night". Although fans know how it all ends, there was still a heart-stopping feeling in the theater.

Djawadi won an Emmy on September 15 for an excellent songwriting for a series and, based on last night's performance, was incredibly well deserved.


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