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Galaxy S10 Pre-Orders Are Phenomenal

by Ace Damon
Galaxy S10 Pre-Orders Are Phenomenal

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is selling like hot dogs on rainy nights!

Nobody doubts that the Galaxy S9, S9 and Note 9, are phenomenal mobile phones. However, it is also true that they have failed to achieve the same impact as many of their predecessors.

Therefore, with some sales below expectations, the Korean giant has decided to step on the accelerator, to change the direction of the mobile division in 2019 with the Galaxy S10.

After all, Samsung’s latest family of mobile phones is far from being a simple incremental upgrade.

It’s an authentic ‘All-In’ from the manufacturer, and apparently, it’s a gamble that is reaping its fruits.

Galaxy S10: Samsung bet and finally won.

Samsung is getting to have immense success with the Galaxy S10, including in the Chinese market. But things can change after the launch of Huawei P30 Pro.

Galaxy S10 pre-orders started last Thursday in China.


And if the latest Ice Universe Tweet is taken to the letter, then it looks like the new generation will very easily overtake sales from predecessors.

Thus, according to ‘Leaker’ who has spent the last few months sharing details about the Galaxy S10 range, And guessing many times, in the first 24 hours, different models of the Galaxy S10 managed to sell more than double that of its predecessors.

Both Samsung and Apple have lost market in China, thanks to the high prices, and of course, increasing competition from fast-growing manufacturers such as Huawei, OPPO and Vivo, which not only launch quality handsets, as many of the times, are even cheaper than the ‘Premium’ competition.

Of course, if this trend continues, it is challenging for Huawei to steal the throne from Samsung.

However, taking into account that the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, are already launched at the end of the month, Samsung will continue to try and dominate in this Asian market.


Are you concerned about resistance?

The Galaxy S10 is hard to damage.

If you want to pre-book the new Galaxy S10 from Samsung, but first you want to find out if this equipment is resistant, then you can not miss the new test with scratches, flames, and attempts to bend.

We can give you a clue. It’s a hard nut to crack.


As with the company’s top tops, the “standard” variant is very sturdy as confirmed by the well-known YouTuber Zack Nelson of the no less famous JerryRigEverything channel.

YouTuber Zack Nelson showed the strength of the Galaxy S10. Days are long gone when this YouTuber was able to damage the smartphones without great difficulty.

Doubling was the easiest. Now it is not so, especially in the top of Samsung range. Besides, neither will it be possible to scratch the part of the rear chambers.

The same happens with the front camera. It’s that the four cameras are well protected by Glass Gorilla Glass 6. It’s the same that also covers the Infinity-O screen of 6.1 inches.

Of course with a lot of persistence the screen ends up being scratched. That’s why Samsung offers a plastic protector on all models.

However, the keys and coins should not cause significant problems on the screen even if you remove the protection.

In other words, we have a piece of equipment with excellent resistance.

Speaking of the protection film contains something quite basic, and quite similar to what Huawei did in its previous models, and that OnePlus continues to do on their smartphones.

That is, it is not glass, and so will undoubtedly take some risks over time.


Also, there is no warranty under the enclosed protector, so if you want to boot it or damage it, you will even have to buy a new one.

Samsung also sells one for € 29.99.

Where you have to be very careful is even around the area of fingerprint analysis. It is that if this area is damaged there will not be much to do. However, damaging this area is not a very easy task.



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