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From ‘Camp Rock’ to Luis Fonsi Collaborations, Here Are 7 Times Demi Lovato Sang…

by Ace Damon
From 'Camp Rock' to Luis Fonsi Collaborations, Here Are 7 Times Demi Lovato Sang...

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Pop star Demi Lovato is making her long-awaited return to music at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (January 26).

Her comeback performance is shrouded in mystery, so there's no telling what she can sing live. Before his hospitalization in July 2018, Lovato was in a Latin music rhythm, embracing his Mexican roots.

"I told you the next time you would hear that I would be singing," wrote Lovato in an Instagram post announcing his return.

As his former best friend and Latin companion at Disney, Selena Gomez, Lovato had moments in his career when he recorded and played songs in Spanish. More of this happened recently with his post, a duet "Despacito" with Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi.

Lovato is recently on a road to recovery as he prepares his return in the public eye. Along with Grammy news, Lovato will be part of a Latin Super Bowl in Miami next month, where he will sing the National Anthem before the Shakira-Jennifer Lopez halftime show.

While we wait for Demi's return, here are all the times she lived up to her surname Lovato in music.

"Lo Que Soy" (2008)

The original Disney Channel film, Camp Rock, served as the vehicle that launched Lovato's musical career in 2008. The exciting theme "This is Me", which she sang with Joe Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, became a huge success. To help translate the song's success into Latin America, Lovato recorded a simplified version of it as "Lo Que Soy". It was even more exciting as a ballad in Spanish.

"Rascacielo" (2011)

Lovato did not record music in Spanish again until the release of his third studio album, Unbroken, in 2011. The single "Skyscraper" was another powerful anthem that connected with his fans. In an attempt for the song to reach new heights of success, Lovato recorded it as "Rascacielo" in the Latin American editions of the album. She translated this sincere message beautifully into Spanish.

"Besame Mucho" (2011)

"Besame Mucho" was a song recorded for Unbroken that finally did not make the album. It is not a cover of the classic bolero, but in fact a story of Lovato finding a case in Colombia. Latin pop-influenced music is recorded in English and Spanish. She sings in Spanish when counting the lines of glamor that the guy would try to use on her. Like all summer novels, this results in an adiós at the end.

"Solamente Tú" (2011)

Before Rosalía, Spanish singer-songwriter Pablo Alborán mixed elements of flamenco and pop music. At the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards, where he competed as Best New Artist, Alborán presented his debut single "Solamente Tú" in a live duet with Lovato. Lacking the comfort of a recording studio, she supported herself on the stage alongside Alborán. It is a pity that this version has never been released commercially.

"Dime Que Me Loves" (2017)

Lovato didn't record music in Spanish again until years later with Tell Me You Love Me 2017, his sixth studio album. The soulful title track was also recorded in Spanish as "Dime Que Me Amas". Lovato tries to work things out with his lover while unloading his problems. Nothing of that difficult love is lost in translation, with Lovato still being a vocal power in Spanish.

"Échame La Culpa" (2017)

Fonsi followed his global success "Despacito" with "Échame La Culpa" with Lovato. Their tropical collaboration was similarly successful, reaching number three on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart and number 47 on the Hot 100 chart of all genres. The two playfully exchange verses in English and Spanish about falling for mistakes in their relationship. The bop is on the album Vida, nominated for a Grammy by Fonsi.

"Solo" (2018)

Lovato joined the British trio Clean Bandit for the song "Solo" on their 2018 album, What is Love ?. Before recording the success of the EDM-Latina musical collaboration "Baby" with Fonsi, Clean Bandit entered the market with its Latin remix of "Solo", where Lovato sings the warm and moving lyrics in Spanish. "Solo" is a derivative of the Spanish word, so naturally more surprising in Spanish.

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