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Friends Reunion Confirmed with a Coordinated Social Media Blitz

by Ace Damon
Friends Reunion Confirmed with a Coordinated Social Media Blitz

You remember how to get to Central Perk, right?

Friends of Friends will celebrate their friendship in May, and we are all invited. This is true as long as we subscribe to the next HBO Max streaming platform. (HBO Max is different from HBO Go, so you'll also have to chase someone who has a code, unfortunately.)

The news came from a timed attack on social media. Among the posts was Rachel Green, also known as Jennifer Aniston, on her Instagram page.

"It's happening …", she wrote, labeling her five co-stars and photographer Mark Seliger in a photo he took for the cover of Rolling Stone in 1995.

"HOLY COW!!!" replied Reese Witherspoon. "Whoa," said Elizabeth Banks. "WHAT" asked Awkwafina. "Driving like this would be illegal today," added David Spade. I could go on, but we would be here all day.

Matthew Perry, Courtney Coxand Lisa Kudrow, also posted the same photo, with a lot of emotion in the comments. David Schwimmer got into that too, but he just comments on his presence on social media, which is so Ross, isn't it? Matt LeBlanc won the day by publishing an image of a slightly different television program.

These are not new episodes of the show, so everyone calm down. It's a "special without exclusive script and without title" according to the variety, although a title that circulates on the Internet is "The one where they came back together".

In addition, we would all do very well to keep our expectations managed. How quickly did we forget that just four years ago, five of the six friends got together for a television conversation and went, by some accounts, a nap.

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