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French, Chinese and Russians dispute nuclear power plant project in Pernambuco, …

by Ace Damon
French, Chinese and Russians dispute nuclear power plant project in Pernambuco, ...

The project, drafted a few years ago, was back on track, with positive signs from the Federal Government. State Representative of Pernambuco confided to Sputnik Brazil that internal negotiations advanced.

Deputies of the Science and Technology Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Pernambuco were visiting the nuclear facilities of Angra dos Reis, RJ, on Thursday, 17. The Pernambuco legislators were seeking information from Eletrobras about the operation of nuclear plants.

The state of Pernambuco qualifies to receive the first nuclear power plant in the Northeast, and there is even a municipality chosen to host the facility, Itacuruba.

The project was elaborated during the governments of Dilma Rousseff and Lula, by Governor Eduardo Campos, and was paralyzed by financial and political issues. However, the Federal Government recently waved the green light in the context of the development of the 2050 National Energy Plan.

This is what State Representative Alberto Feitosa (Solidariedade-PE), member of the Science and Technology Commission of the Pernambuco Legislative Assembly, told Sputnik Brazil.

"In our analysis these negotiations are very advanced. The Federal Government on September 30 established a committee with seats for the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Communications, the Office of Institutional Security of the Presidency of the Republic, and has determined a nuclear expansion plan by 2050 for the whole of Brazil. "

Studies by Eletronuclear established Pernambuco as the "best and most advanced identification point" for the installation of a plant. For the project to advance, however, the Pernambuco legislature will need to amend the state constitution, which prohibits the installation of nuclear plants in the region.

"This is already underway in the Assembly (…) I am even the author of PEC," said the parliamentarian.

The legislator said that a bid will be held with the participation of three foreign companies: "one French, one Chinese and one Russian", but did not mention the companies by name.

Itacuruba, is located in the backlands of Itaparica, interior of Pernambuco. The main advantage of the city would be the proximity of the power transmission lines of the hydroelectric plants located on the São Francisco River of Eletrobras Chesf, connected to the main industrial centers of the region, added the deputy.

The deputy added that the project, in total, contemplates an investment of $ 30 billion and that, if it happens, will imply a radical change in the economy and the lives of the local people.

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