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France, Germany and UK defend nuclear nonproliferation regime

by Ace Damon
France, Germany and UK defend nuclear nonproliferation regime

In a joint statement issued on Sunday (12) the leaders of France, Germany and the United Kingdom stated that a common interest is to ensure that Iran never develop nuclear weapons and called on the country to re-abide by the terms of the Comprehensive Action Plan. (JCPoA), better known as Iran's nuclear agreement. "We, the leaders of France, Germany and the United Kingdom, share common fundamental security interests, along with our European partners. One of them is to defend the regime of nonproliferation and ensuring that Iran never develops a nuclear weapon. The JCPoA plays a key role in that regard, "said the note signed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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In the document, they say they have already made clear the grief and concern over the US decision to withdraw from the JCPoA and reimpose sanctions on Iran. "Despite the increasingly difficult circumstances, we work hard to preserve the agreement," they said. adding that all its members (China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and Iran, with the European Union as coordinator) have declared their continuing commitment to preserve it.

"It is essential for Iran to return to full compliance with its commitments under the agreement. We express our deep concern about Iran's actions that violate its commitments since July 2019. These actions should be reversed," they said. The statement noted that its members and tools were available to preserve the agreement and resolve issues related to Iran's implementation of its commitments. The leaders also emphasized that a long-term framework will need to be set for Iran's nuclear program.

Recent events, according to the note, have highlighted Iran's destabilizing role in the region, including through Revolutionary Guard forces. "Our commitment to the safety of our allies and partners in the region is unwavering," the leaders said. They said they should address through diplomacy and "significantly" the shared concerns about Iran's destabilizing regional activities, including those linked to its missile program. "We reiterate our willingness to continue our commitment to reduction and stability in the region."

The three also pledged to work with Iran in the next steps, after saying they had observed Iran's announcement regarding the killing of UIA's PS752 flight. "Today our message is clear: we remain committed to and upholding the JCPoA; we urge Iran to reverse all inconsistent measures and return to full compliance; we urge Iran to refrain from further violent or proliferative actions. and we remain ready to engage with Iran on that agenda in order to preserve the stability of the region, "they repeated.

British Ambassador's Prison

In a statement, a spokesman for Boris Johnson said leaders of the United Kingdom and Germany condemned the arrest of the British ambassador in Tehran on Sunday (12), a violation of international law.


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