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Fortnite Mobile Gaming Controller: Rotor Riot

by Ace Damon
Fortnite Mobile Gaming Controller Rotor Riot

Enhance your gaming experience with Fortnite & other battle royale style games.

Connects with all connected lightning devices running iOS 7 or later versions.

The first MFi certified controller to offer L3 and R3 buttons to open up your gaming experience.*

Experience uninterrupted gameplay with no latency or lag with our wired controller. No Batteries Needed.

1000+ compatible apps via our affiliate app, Ludu Mapp available on the iOS App Store.

The Rotor Riot Mobile Gaming & Drone Controller for the iOS wired connected controller can be used with hundreds of controller compatible apps from games to remote control vehicles.

Rotor Riot controller plugs directly into, and it is powered by your iOS device eliminating latency and lag experienced when using a Bluetooth connection.

No installation necessary for use, plug the controller into your device and play!

Compatible games can be found in the affiliated app, Ludu Mapp available for download on the iOS App Store, now consistent with Fortnite.

Approved by Apple for iOS to support L3/R3 fire buttons on the joysticks.*

Works with the most common drones on the market bridging the gap between the mainstream mobile gaming world and the niche of FPV freestyle.

Play your favorite console games on mobile like Apex Legends using casting apps (R-Play, OneCast, Shadow and Moonlight.)


Features a removable mobile support post, Console size buttons, and triggers, Wired Connection with Mobile Device Post.

Experience uninterrupted gameplay with no latency or lag with our wired controller. No batteries needed.

Over 1000 compatible apps are available via our affiliate app, Ludu Mapp.

Designed for the best comfort and gaming experience possible.

* Please Note: As of 2/1 Fortnite supports Rotor Riot gaming controller, but some users have experienced issues with the L3 and R3 when playing Fortnite. Not all drones and games are compatible. Check with the manufacturer in case of doubt.

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Fortnite Mobile Gaming Controller – Fortnite September 4, 2019 - 1:00 am

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