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Fortnite Chapter 2 Unveiled Early on Apple App Store

by Ace Damon
Fortnite Chapter 2 Unveiled Early on Apple App Store

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Through the Italian Apple App Store, an image of Fortnite chapter 2 was unveiled, debuting with season 11 of the massive game. Named after "Chapter 2", major changes should be on their way to the Battle Royale.

In the image we can see some new characters or skins, as well as a new map. At the vehicle level, it is possible to distinguish boats, which players are likely to use to move during combat.

On the 13th, Epic Games will have a live event to end Season 10 of the game. It is inevitable that the company will present news about the future of the game and the mentioned chapter 2, along with all the news.

Season 11 will bring a easier game mode for new players.

Epic Games recently said it will implement bots in the game to make getting started easier. New players will make their first battles against automatic bots and non-real players so that they can get used to the mechanics of the game.

It is an initiative that makes sense because despite the difference in levels, there are always players with more skills than others. This is a way to balance and match the challenge for everyone and also make the game more attractive to new players.

Fortnite is witnessing a decrease in popularity and sales.

Fortnite once had its throne as the most popular game of the moment, due to its Battle Royale style and colorful characters, attracting a lot of children's audience. However, the emergence of competition and the revival of Minecraft are contributing to a decrease in Fortnite numbers.

According to research firm Edison Trends, Fortnite sales were down 52 percent compared to 2018. Game loyalty has also declined, with Apex Legends having more players repeatedly shopping than at Fortnite.

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