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Federal Prosecutors Have Been Questioning Witnesses About Giuliani’s Ukraine…

by Ace Damon
Federal Prosecutors Have Been Questioning Witnesses About Giuliani's Ukraine...

Things are getting worse for Rudy Giuliani. As Trump's lawyer gets more involved in impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, the Wall Street Journal reported On Monday, Giuliani's personal business practices, in addition to his work for the president, are also under legal scrutiny – and a long time ago. As part of an investigation into Giuliani's business in Ukraine, federal prosecutors at the US District Attorney's office in the Southern District of New York have examined Giuliani's bank records, the Journal reports, and have been interviewing Giuliani witnesses since at least August. .

The Journal report comes after previous reports indicated that federal prosecutors were investigating Giuliani's business relationship with Soviet clients Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who were arrested on Wednesday for alleged campaign funding violations. While the Journal notes that prosecutors are interested in this relationship, its investigation of Giuliani also has a broader focus on its business in Ukraine, which began following the failure of the former New York mayor's presidential 2008 offer. Giuliani became strategic advisor to boxer Vitali Klitschko (aka “Dr. Iron Fist”), elected mayor of Kiev in 2014, before doing business in Kiev and Kharkiv, Ukraine through his private security business. Giuliani Safety and Protection. The company reached an agreement in May 2017 with the Kharkiv city administration to help with municipal emergency services, and Giuliani met with several officials during his visits to Ukraine, including former President Petro Poroshenko and former prosecutor. general Yuriy Lutsenko. In addition to her work with Klitschko, the Journal reports that witnesses were questioned about Giuliani's role in ex-US ambassador Marie Yovanovitch's departure, whose May firing following Giuliani's pressure campaign for her ouster is seen as a of the origins of the continuing scandal in Ukraine.

The full scope of the investigation is not yet known, and the Journal notes that it is unclear to what extent the prosecutors are in the investigation. True to form, however, Giuliani does not seem to be so concerned yet. "They can look at my business in Ukraine as much as they like," Giuliani told the Journal, saying he had not been informed of any investigation against him. (The lawyer denied any wrongdoing in his business.)

News of the federal investigation – led by the office Giuliani himself once ran – has made yet another terrible headline for Giuliani since the Ukraine scandal erupted as the lawyer further intertwines with the alleged crimes at the center of the investigation. impeachment. (In addition to the Ukraine saga, it was also reported separately last week that Trump asked then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in 2017 to help get complaints against another client of Giuliani, Iranian-Turkish gold trader Reza Zarrab.) And the lawyer so far has not exactly helped his case with a number of media appearances that were characteristically unbalanced. News that Giuliani is being investigated for his broader Ukrainian affairs also comes when the lawyer has already faced possible legal scrutiny for his role in the Ukrainian scandal, potentially becoming the fallen guy who keeps Trump afloat. "Even if you cannot accuse President Trump of a crime because he is an acting president, you can accuse Giuliani of a crime if he conspires with the president to extort the Ukrainians," said former US lawyer Barb McQuade. to my colleague Chris Smith in September. "Giuliani would be the president's agent in this abuse of power."

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