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Fast and the Furious Director Rob Cohen Accused of Sexual Assault

by Ace Damon
Fast and the Furious Director Rob Cohen Accused of Sexual Assault

Director Rob Cohen is facing new allegations of sexual assault months after his daughter made public allegations that Cohen molested her at a young age. According The Huffington Post, a woman now claims that in 2015 the Fast and Furious director lured her into a meeting with career promises for a TV pilot and later assaulted her.

Then 28-year-old Jane, as the play identifies her, told the agency that Cohen invited her to a business meeting in a Manhattan cigar hall and later regained consciousness in Cohen's hotel room when the director told her. sexually assaulted. . (Cohen denied the charges through attorney Marty Singer.) The woman remembered having dinner with Cohen at the restaurant and brushing off comments about her sex life before feeling "confused" and supposedly waking up to meet on a date. sex with the director. Jane says she went to the bathroom to throw up and walked away from Cohen, who "stopped when she sent".

Cohen – who directed the first Fast and Furious in 2001 and also directed the 2002 xXx, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 2008, Alex Cross 2012 and The Hurricane Heist 2018 – made lawyer Singer deny the allegations. in a 13 page response. . "The proposed story is an outrageous and defamatory piece, making extraordinarily offensive claims that my client has engaged in heinous sexual conduct, criminal conduct and other inappropriate behavior, which are hotly contested and denied by my client," wrote Singer, who also represented Bill Cosby

The allegations follow a public statement Cohen's daughter Valkyrie Weather, who earlier this year claimed that Cohen molested her as a child and took her on foreign film trips involving visits to sex workers. Cohen answered in a declaration The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, saying, “I hope and pray that one day my son will come to the conclusion that no matter what anyone says or tries to convince him that was the case as a child, this is false. and unimaginable. The 2015 meeting with Jane is said to have been established as a collaboration with Cohen and Weather for consulting on a TV pilot. Jane reportedly contacted Weather after her accusation earlier this year and was inspired to make her own story public.

The Huffington Post confirmed that Jane sought medical treatment for sexual assault after the 2015 meeting and told her then boyfriend and a later partner about her claims against Cohen. Jane also reportedly contacted Cohen in 2017 after charges of sexual assault against producer Harvey Weinstein, saying: “The night we met, you really hurt and screwed me. Listening to all this shit about harvey is really hard and I can't stop thinking about what you did. Cohen reportedly wrote, “I'm sorry to hear that,” and claimed that the incident was a “misunderstanding” in subsequent conversations.

Cohen's lawyer stated that his client was under the misconception that he was apologizing for a separate matter. “My client remembers receiving an odd text or email from (Jane), inferring that she had been taken advantage of, which she understood to be a complaint that she had never been paid for consulting on the defunct project,” Singer wrote. . "Significantly, my client categorically disputes that (Jane) said something to him during this call about any alleged sexual abuse."

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