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Far Cry New Dawn: Game Review

by Ace Damon
Far Cry New Dawn Game Review

Did you like Far Cry 5? If the answer is yes then you will love this new game.

Far Cry New Dawn is presented as an ‘independent sequel’ to Far Cry 5, dealing with the aftermath of the last game.

Now, you will feel like living in Hope County after an apocalypse.

While there is such a link, Far Cry New Dawn is a new story with new characters and a unique narrative.

You are fighting a group commanded by a pair of sadistic twins. Okay, fighting crazy villains is not something new in Far Cry.

The duo manages to control a gang that pretty much commands everything in Hope County.

While the locations are almost the same as Far Cry 5, everything gets a new face, since the Earth has reborn.

The game takes place 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5. Obviously, if you played the previous game, you will find some familiar faces.

Here, you will fight for the survivors of Prosperity, a camp where people fight against the tyranny of the twins.

The game also brings new mechanics: there is a very good system of perks, items to create, animals to hunt and a great progression of history and many reasons to explore Hope County.

You will need to take certain actions, such as expeditions, to achieve certain rare items that will serve to produce specific weapons.

Outposts can be recycled and win even more powerful versions. Each time you win one, it will gain more powerful enemies, more alarms, and better rewards.

In addition, there are more RPG elements in this game.

New Dawn brings a hierarchy system to enemies, with different colors to show their difficulty. It is the same system applied to weapons that can be created or improved.

This encourages you to play more and explore more, and face more challenges. Is there any downside? Maybe the campaign is short for some.

It’s 20 hours of the main story, something that can be finalized quickly. However, there is a lot to do in this game.

They are various content that can be explored for endless hours. There are 20 more special missions, 30 outposts, 8 parallel missions, 5 recruiting specialists, 10 treasure hunts and hundreds of challenges and collectibles to find.

There is a lot to do beyond the main story and the game still has a great co-op system.

Yes, we tested the cooperative system and it is mind-boggling. Practically, this is the best way to play this game. Here, you can follow your friends on missions, kill enemies together, pick up vehicles (if it’s a car: you can drive and your friend can get in the hitchhiker – he can also shoot while you drive the vehicle. separate vehicles and play together as well).

If you read that this game is just a reskin of Far Cry 5, I’ll tell you that they did a very lazy review of the game.

The main reason is that this game is a sequel to Far Cry 5 and, logically, it needs to introduce what happened to the world we knew after the game events.

It is also too large to be considered as an expansion.

Far Cry New Dawn is the game that will make Far Cry fans happy enough to win over those who were expecting more from Fallout 76.

Rating: Far Cry New Dawn brings an exciting approach to showing what happened to Hope County after events of Far Cry 5.

It mixes the elements of the franchise with several RPG mechanics, and the result is something familiar, but entirely different from what we know.

It is a game that will please the fans of the franchise, but also with open arms for anyone who wants a great set for exploration.


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