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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald – Movie Review

by Ace Damon
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald - Movie Review

I was looking forward to this movie all year, I was so excited when it came out And because I’m a huge Potterhead, I decided that I’m gonna make a video to talk about my thoughts, opinions, and just discuss this movie.

!! spoilers ahead alert !!

When I first watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I loved the movie.

It was by far the Harry Potter film ever And Newt is such a brilliant character. He is dynamic, he’s round, he’s very unique, And he’s also a Hufflepuff, so he’s my favorite character so far in the Harry Potter universe.

And of course, the fantastic beasts, I think I’m on the Bowtruckle side, but the Niffler is pretty close, but I think he would be too much trouble to keep, so…I would like to have a Pickett myself.

Let’s just dive straight into the movie, in the opening scene, it’s Grindelwald trying to escape and then, later on, we find out that during their kind of fight on the carriage, that it’s actually Abernathy and Grindelwald have switched.

I mean, he’s just a pawn anyway, why would Grindelwald want to save him?

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald - Movie Review

That’s kind of a problem, but of course, there could be many other reasons, like for example, Grindelwald thought that Abernathy is still useful, etc.

I guess it’s not too weird, I guess we’ll need more explanations for that to make it completely sound, but right now, the logic is a little… I’m not too sure about it.

Afterward, we see Newt and this scene is a little bit weird because the camera is right in their faces.

And at first, I thought that maybe it was because I watched it in a theatre, and then the screen’s really big, so it just seemed a little bit awkward. But I later saw other reviewers mentioning it as a problem, so maybe it’s a cinematography problem, I’m not really sure what they were going for there.

I also thought the button roll was a little bit weird. What was Pickett trying to do? It was just kind of a weird opening sequence.

But Newt’s interaction with Leta Lestrange is quite interesting, I was really looking forward to seeing Leta Lestrange in this film because she was mentioned in the first film. And I knew there was going to be some kind of love triangle between Newt, Leta, and Tina. But I thought Newt would be more caught up on Leta, I didn’t expect Leta to be more caught up with Newt, so that was kind of an interesting surprise.

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And when Leta asked Newt if he remembered her doing something to get into detention with him, he waited for a long moment, looked at his brother, and then said, “no”. Obviously, I think he remembers, but he’s just not willing to bring that up like that chapter is completely done, you and I are over, you are marrying my brother, so no, I don’t want to remember.

That scene already shows that Leta is very caught up on Newt, but Newt is just completely putting it down.

Another surprise is Newt and Theseus Originally, I thought that Theseus might be the superior brother, he might be like the snotty kind of brother, like “I’m too good for you, I don’t even wanna acknowledge you as my little brother.”

I thought he would be like that but I was really surprised to find that Theseus really cares for Newt and really loves him as a younger brother.

I originally thought that Theseus might be on the bad side, just because he’s too much of a hero in the stories.

Also, Eddie Redmayne was such a good actor here, he was like licking the floor and stuff, it was funny, it was interesting, it was just a great scene. It wasn’t quite like the mating dance in the first film though, but it’s getting there, it’s almost as good.

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald - Movie Review

About the love triangle between Newt, Leta and Tina, I thought it was a little bit forced because there was a misprinting…in…the magazine? They’re not allowed to do that, are they? You can’t misprint like who’s marrying who.

The conflict between Tina and Newt was a little forced but Tina was brilliant, it was funny, she was so angry at him, like “we’re completely professional, Mr. Scamander”.

Everyone goes to Paris because of Credence so let’s discuss a little bit about him. Credence is trying to find out who he is and at first, everybody thinks he is the Lestrange missing brother, but then, of course, Leta says that she’s the one who killed her brother, so it cannot be him.

And at first when I saw her facing the Boggart when she was younger, I had no idea what that was, it looked like a jellyfish.

She’s scared of the little baby that she accidentally killed, she switched the two babies, so her brother ended up dying and she ended up taking home another baby, which is Credence.

Credence is very lucky, he could have ended up dying, since Credence is not a Lestrange, then who is he? Well, Grindelwald, offers an answer and says that he is a Dumbledore, I did say spoiler alert, right? Because that is a BIG spoiler!

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So Dumbledore obviously cannot fight against Grindelwald, because they have a blood bond And they swore that they would not fight each other, but then again, I’m not too sure when the fight that killed Ariana happened, maybe the timing is a little bit weird.

Credence going with Grindelwald is a bit strange. I feel like a lot of people forget that he was pretending to be Graves in the first film and Graves betrayed Credence! He literally said that “okay I have no use for you anymore, you are a Squib and I could smell it off you the first time we met” You’re a Squib, Credence.

Credence is so desperate to know who he is, that he just doesn’t care.

Nagini is also very interesting, because I thought she would be bad, because obviously, Voldemort’s Nagini is bad. But I don’t think that this is the same Nagini as Voldemort’s Nagini.

I think that Voldemort’s Nagini might be her grandchild or daughter because I don’t really see her as going bad.

When she goes into Grindelwald’s kind of meeting, she says that “these are all Purebloods, they kill people like us for sport”.

Which means she doesn’t like Purebloods and she doesn’t like the idea of killing those like her, why would she follow Voldemort? Either something happened to make her switch, or that’s not her at all, but her descendants.

Mainly this film focuses on the Niffler because it was really popular for the first film, so they focused a lot on the Niffler.

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald - Movie Review

I feel like we should see a little bit more of the other fantastic beasts because it is Fantastic Beasts, not just the Fantastic Niffler.

Let us hope they have a little bit more in the next film.

The ending where they all have to choose sides was very good. It really gave me chills, because a lot of couples, a lot of people were separating from each other like Queenie and Jacob, Leta and Theseus, and Nagini and Credence.

A lot of them ended up splitting up, and I think that is quite devastating to see, especially Queenie because she was such a sweet character, she is part of our four main characters, and so, to see her going to the dark side, is quite devastating.

Queenie is fundamentally a good person, she was just seduced by Grindelwald’s words, when she sees how much damage Grindelwald is doing, she might have second thoughts and go back to the good side.

Either way, I am super excited for the next film, I think it’ll be quite a while until it comes out, so I guess we’ll all have to wait in anticipation for the next film.

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Overall, I thought it was a really good movie, but I still think the first movie was better, mainly because the first movie felt more complete by itself. this film obviously you have to know the prequel and the sequel in order to make sense of what is happening.

This film doesn’t really work alone, but that doesn’t make it a bad movie. Once the whole series comes out, maybe I’ll have different ideas about it, because we will know what happens after.

Some of the camera work is a little weird and it’s not consistent, like for example the beginning where they zoomed in Newt, and also there’s another part where Leta goes back to Hogwarts and the camera was like shaking all over the place. I guess they wanted an uncomfortable feeling on us during some moments.

I hope the third one answers more questions than raises even more.


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