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Facebook is fighting ad discrimination

by Ace Damon
Facebook is fighting ad discrimination

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Facebook struck a deal with the American Civil Liberties Union and other civil rights groups regarding the ads shown on the social network. This agreement provides that certain advertisements may not be discriminatory or targeted at certain groups of people.

In this case, companies that advertise buying and selling homes, job searches or credits cannot use age, gender, zip code or race to target their ads. This new rule extends across the platform, from business page ads to Instagram promotions.

In addition, Facebook is expanding its ad library, making it available for search. In this sense, regulatory agencies or civil rights groups can research and understand what type of ads companies are using to ensure that they all comply with the rules.

The virtual library will start archiving ads from December, where the mentioned ads (credit, home, job) will be placed for possible review. Graham Mudd, vice president of Facebook's ad department, says advertisers will have to "learn how to advertise their business with these restrictions."

Facebook is undergoing (one more) data collection investigation

European Union investigations into Facebook have been constant. Due to suspected anti-competitive practices and lack of transparency in collecting user data, Facebook is under scrutiny again.

In this case, research will focus on how the company collects data and monetizes it for advertising purposes. As they say, "on Facebook the product is you". It means that for the platform to be free, all users pay with their data and are then used to target ads.

The Commission of the European Union believes that Facebook takes these practices to the extreme, hence the latest research. The investigation also covers the Facebook Marketplace, where individuals or resellers can market products.

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