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F1: Charlie Whiting Doubts The Three Cars Idea

by Ace Damon

The idea advanced by Toto Wolff continues to be the subject of conversation. The Mercedes boss has proposed 3 cars per team to allow new talent to enter and this solution has been widely discussed by the main F1 players. This time it was Charlie Whiting giving his opinion on the subject:

“My personal opinion is that it would be good to have some more cars,” Whiting told Autosport.com, “but I honestly think it’s very unlikely. It is quite simple. The argument against that if we have a dominant team with three cars, then all to fight only for fourth place and not for a place on the podium.

If we have three dominating teams with three cars, then we will fight for 10th place. It would be nice to have a few more teams capable of winning, of course, but this year is more competitive since the beginning of this turbo-hybrid era. Equally, if we have another more matched grid, [three cars] is a good economic model, as far as one can see. That’s why GP3 teams have always had three cars. For F3 next year, the plan is 10 teams with three cars each, because it is a good business model, and allows the price of the third car to be lower. I think that would work in F1 too. ”

“The rules are based on teams of two cars, so a lot of things have to be analyzed,” Whiting said. “The teams are allowed up to 60 operational employees. How many more would they need? There is a big difference between what they need and what they say they need. We’d have to decide the right number. ”

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Whiting believes that logistical challenges, such as the capacity of the garage in each lane, can be solved.

“We would be able to get around that,” he said. “People would have to shrink a little and they would not have that much space.”

By 2021 the change of regulations also foresees the financial part which could make the F1 cheaper and therefore more attractive to other teams although the brands have been reluctant to spend much money on motorsport:

“The entry of new teams, as we know, is almost impossible at the moment,” said Whiting. “But this is something that we hope will improve, if all goes well as planned, with revenue distribution and the cost cap. We expect the car to be regulated in such a way that parts that are not important for performance enhancement are standardized or prescribed, and the parts that differentiate performance are team-only.

Many of the things Haas currently purchases from Ferrari will be prescribed or standardized. However, the suspension, the brake ducts, the air ducts, they are all currently off the list, and they can buy them, although there is a huge performance in them. ”

F1 is likely to prefer to wait a little longer until it decides something about the three cars. Whiting talked about the podium fight being damaged, but the concept of the third car would not affect that because in practice they would only be young, in a championship almost apart, at least that was Wolff’s intention. The above example of F3 makes some sense and may create some more support is no idea, which should not yet advance in the short term.


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