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Evo Morales studies moving to Argentina after inauguration of Alberto Fernández

by Ace Damon
Evo Morales studies moving to Argentina after inauguration of Alberto Fernández

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Friday he was considering Argentina's President-elect Alberto Fernández's proposal to receive asylum in the neighboring country. "I want to thank Brother Fernández's proposal and his way of helping us. I would like to be in my country and I do not lose hope of returning at any time. We are looking into it, but we are waiting a while before responding," Mexico, where you are in asylum.

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On Thursday (14), the Argentine president-elect stated
that it would be "an honor" to grant political asylum to Morales from
December 11, after his inauguration, scheduled for the 10th. “If I were president
At this point I would have offered him asylum from day one. Argentina is
your home, so I will welcome you, ”Fernández said during a press conference
Uruguay, adding that it will also give asylum to Álvaro García
Linera, former vice president of Bolivia, who resigned along with Morales.

In an interview with Argentina's El Destape radio, Evo Morales
said he did not talk to the government of Mauricio Macri and that he kept
communication only with Fernández, who expressed "his solidarity".

The former Bolivian president sought to rebut accusations that there was fraud in the elections in which he ran for a fourth term and triggered violent demonstrations in his country. "Given the allegations of fraud, I said any international organization should do an audit. Yes, there were some errors, but no fraud. We are convinced of that. I am not lying. The OAS preliminary report was purely political. I did not understand how the OAS could join the coup. Luis Almagro (secretary general) would not let us communicate with him. I said this report would bring the dead and wounded, that would set everything on fire. The dead we have are your responsibility. History will judge them. " , he stated.

Evo Morales resigned his post on Sunday after a wave of protests against his reelection for a fourth term. He then accepted Mexico's offer of asylum.

According to the Minister of National Security of the
Argentina, Patricia Bullrich, Clarín newspaper, at least six former officers
Bolivians entered Argentina after the resignation of Morales. They entered as
tourists at the border and did not apply for political asylum. There are also former ministers of
refugees at the Argentine embassy in La Paz.


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