Evergreen Versus Information Products

Evergreen Versus Information Products

When you make a video, e-book, report, or membership site should you make the information still be relevant a year from now and three years from now, or should it be current only today, I know that you might see some fads that come and go on the internet, whether it’s facebook fan pages, advertising on Fiver or outsourcing on oDesk, you will always see websites, methods or techniques that will work today but might not necessarily be the same a year from now.

If you are making a product that takes you under 24 hours, and you want to make it about a fad that might die out in a month or a year, then do it but if your time it takes to make an information product is longer than 24 hours then stick to an Evergreen subject.

Evergreen means that when you are making a video or a report, you make sure not to mention the current day of the week, time, current month, year or even the day, that way when people see your information six months or a year from now they won’t discount the value of it.

If a good opportunity comes along and you are really excited about some new way of marketing, some new technique, or some new system and you can record it in under 24 hours get it published and everything then you should create some kind of video training based on this current fad. And the reason for that is because in six months if that fad dies out or changes, you can create Version 2.0, Version 3.0 and update your course.

What technique has been working very well for me is decide what price you want to make this training course, such as $197. You can have people buy into this training course and in the future if they want the updated version they can pay some kind of existing customer prices such as $47 to get the updated training. If they don’t pay the upgraded price they will still have access to your old training but now you can paid over and over again just by updating your training, adding new information to it, and making it more exciting.

A very easy way to organize this on a technical level is to set up a membership site because you can create one membership level for your 1.0 product, one memberhsip level for your 2.0 product, and so on. That way when you sell new customers into Version 2, they get Version 1 and 2. When you sell to customers Version 3, they get Versions 1, 2, and 3 and you can simply add new videos to this members area, and people can buy which module they want.

When it comes to making information products, if you can capitalize or teach some new or time based, or time sensitive subject do it in under 24 hours, if you can’t do it under 24 hours make that training Evergreen. Either way it is always a good idea to use a membership and membership levels to handle your digital downloads and update them on a regular basis.