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Elizabeth Warren Is Officially Leading the 2020 Polls

by Ace Damon
Elizabeth Warren Is Officially Leading the 2020 Polls

Senator Elizabeth Warren's slow but steady rise between the ranks of 2020 officially placed her at the top of the group – albeit by a very small margin. Massachusetts lawmaker officially overtook former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday at RealClearPolitics ™ 2020 average searches, with 26.6% of the vote, compared to Biden's 26.4%. Warren is also notably the only candidate whose polls have steadily increased throughout the primaries, while Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders, who hold an average of 14.6 percent of polls, have seen their popularity fluctuate and fall from their initial highs.

Warren's election victory came courtesy of a Quinnipiac Research released Tuesday, in which 29% of respondents supported Warren, compared with 26% for Biden. Sanders won 16 percent of the vote, and no other candidate in 2020 outperformed 4 percent. (The survey was notable for Andrew Yang, whose 3% of the votes earned him a seat in the November debate.) "Warren maintains his strength in Democratic primaries, which has been growing steadily since the start of his campaign," Quinnipiac University research analyst Tim Malloy said in a statement. "This research confirms his status as Biden's co-leader."

Quinnipiac's research had a margin of error of 4.7% and, with less than half a percentage point separating Warren and Biden averages, it is safe to say that both are neck and neck rather than Warren moving on with a decisive leadership. After all, Biden still leads many researches in 2020, including a Morning Poll Poll released Monday that put it 12 points above Warren. But while Warren's current research advantage may be small, they are leagues ahead of where he was until recently at the end of September, when Biden held a seemingly comfortable 11-point advantage – and based on the two candidates' trajectories. , it seems likely to climb.

Warren's rise to race leader status has sparked criticism against the brazen progressive in recent weeks, as Warren began facing attacks on his 2020 rival policies like Yang and Pete Buttigieg, as well as increasing opposition from the factions your campaign targets. (Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to "fight" Warren's plans to end Big Tech, while Wall Street donors threatened to stay out of the election if she is the candidate.) But Warren has so far been able to use his detractors exclusively in his favor, spinning corporate criticism of her as evidence of her progressive good faith. "I'm not afraid of anonymous quotes and rich donors can't buy this process," Warren tweeted in response to the Wall Street donor report. Right-wing attempts to generate Warren scandals based on false information also fell. A fake affirmation that Warren had an affair with a marine was most notable for the candidate class answerand a free washington flag article questioning if Warren was actually fired from a teaching job because she was pregnant because she claims to have inspired a movement of women talking about the widespread practice of discrimination in pregnancy. (CBS news too unmasked Whether Teflon's Warren's powers to repel her critics will continue to rise as she continues to climb remains to be seen – but at this rate, the 0.2% advantage of Warren may just be the beginning.

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