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Edge Chrome: Defying Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi?

by Ace Damon
Edge Chrome Defying Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi

The browser that will ‘kill’ Chrome has been Leaked on the Internet?

Edge Chrome.

The browser that will ‘kill’ Chrome has been Leaked as we mentioned earlier, Microsoft is working on a new version of its Edge, based on Chromium.

This may well eliminate the need to download and later install Google Chrome.

It was last December that Microsoft confirmed that it would abandon the EdgeHTML rendering engine to cling to Chromium, which powers the well-known Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi.

That said, the first screenshots of the new Edge, codenamed Anaheim, came online last month.

Will it be the end of Chrome?

But very interestingly, it seems that today a trial version of this same Internet browser has arrived, which you can download and try now.

However, this test has to be done taking into account the risks!

So if you want to wait for the final version, rest assured that some experts mention a release date for the next few days.

Besides, what do you think about all this?

Is the end of Google Chrome? Microsoft is betting on a new browser and that means it will probably appear installed on Windows 10 during some update, whether we want it or not.

Microsoft is ‘rebuilding’ its Edge browser based on Chromium and for sure Windows Update will have it available to everyone.

Incidentally, the giant company, responsible for the Windows operating system, is already testing some versions of this software internally and is already starting to think about a launch globally.

Well, while in the previous leaks, the new Edge was very similar to Google Chrome.

It seems that Microsoft realized the tip, and began to change the design and implement their own ‘touches.’

So the new interface is now, in the background a mix between Chrome and Edge!

It is clear that Microsoft has tried to implement its technical expertize and direction in the browser.

However, there are still several traditional features of the current Edge.


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