Easy Ways For Newbies to Get Traffic

Easy Ways For Newbies to Get Traffic

I don’t care if you have a blog post, a published print book, a digital product, membership site, coaching program, or physical seminar, the only way you are going to make any sales on the internet is if lots and lots of people can view your website.

Think about it, you might have a sales letter or a web page that converts very highly, but if you only get ten visitors a day to that site, you’re not going to make a lot of money. On the other hand, if you have a site that brings in 1000 visitors a day or higher, your conversion rate might completely suck but you’ll still make more money.

Traffic is one of the hardest things to get on the internet, but we have to make sure to keep it coming in consistently and that’s why if you’re brand new to the internet, you can begin today. Post some articles, post on your blog and others, and use social media to give it a little bit of a boost.

Here’s a new way to look at internet traffic, most people come to your website because they are looking for a simple solution to their problem. Think about this, what if someone’s problem was how to dance, and they wanted to dance at their wedding, and they went to a search engine and searched how to dance at my wedding.

Several results will come up, YouTube videos, articles, maybe even a few paid courses or DVDs or books on specific dance styles that someone should know about their wedding. What if someone wants to learn to play the guitar, they will perform a search and the results that come up will be blog posts, videos, articles and paid products.

Out of all these results which site will the person click on, The answer is, they will go to the site that looks like it will solve their problem right now, and that’s why article sites are so popular because if someone is looking for example which dances to learn for a wedding, not necessarily how to learn them just yet, just which dances to know or when playing guitar, maybe someone just wants to know what are the overall steps towards playing the guitar, what kind of guitar to buy, what kind of songs to learn, what kind of finger positions to know.

They just want to know the very basic information.

If someone is looking for this, they are going to choose an article or short blog post over a paid product or YouTube video, because they just want the information right now, and that’s why you should write at least a handful of articles, so if someone is looking for the solution to a problem and they find your article, there’s a chance that they will now click on over to your website because you’ve solved their first problem. For example, what things to know about the guitar, now their next step is to actually learn a few guitar songs.

The good news about article publishing is that the average person who has articles on the internet only has four, and that means if you publish five articles, even once per week for one month, you now have more articles on the internet than 50% of your competition.

What’s also great is that an article is under one page and it can be used elsewhere, you can post articles on your blog, you can schedule them to be dripped out, you can get links back to that blog post, and you can market that article to other article directories even other blogs. This is called guest blogging. What you can do is search for the most popular and highly trafficked blogs in your industry. Then contact each one of these blog owners and ask if they would like an exclusive article that you’ve written for them, where in the bio-box you have a link back to your site. You’d be surprised how many bloggers are hurting for content and would welcome the chance to have someone else write their posts for them.

One final way to get instant traffic as a newbie is from social media, many of us already have Twitter and Facebook accounts, and some of them have thousands of followers. What’s also interesting about social media sites is that you can make your message go viral, what that means is that you can post your article to your blog and use a plug-in such as jet-pack to give people the ability to like your post on Facebook or Tweet it on Twitter. Now if someone with a lot of Facebook followers likes your post, and all their followers see the link to that post – they might like it as well and the idea is that if you have a very interesting and thought provoking blog post it will spread naturally throughout the internet. .

As a newbie to internet marketing, what you can do to get instant traffic is to publish some articles, post them in blogs, and use social media to give it all a viral boost.