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Does hearing that you're fat bother you? Lose weight or get accepted

by Ace Damon
Does hearing that you're fat bother you? Lose weight or get accepted

Hearing from his partner that he was a 'worthless fat' made British worker Earl Stewart decide to lose weight. The offense motivated him to lose 20 pounds and become a bodybuilder. In her defense, Bernie, the wife, said her husband kept saying she had gained weight. There, after the splinters, the couple adopted a different routine. "We are now motivating each other to be healthy and we are definitely much happier," said Bernie.

'Fat useless?' He was cursed by his wife and turned bodybuilder

Linking "happiness" to thinness is a permanent misconception. One thing definitely has nothing to do with the other. Just as it is not a rule to turn bullying into a trigger for radical life change, as with Stewart. For the most part, suffering body aggression will only worsen self-esteem and self-image.

Bride abandoned for being fat loses weight 51 kg

We live in a time when it is much healthier to encourage people to accept themselves as they are. Pointing the finger and criticizing the other for aesthetics is definitely out of place. But the human being is a complex pet. Some need the strong emotional impact caused by an offense to decide to face a body change. Social pressure by an aesthetic standard is too heavy. That's where the Stewarts of life come from. Humiliated, lose weight.

American fat call by husband puts an end to relationship and slows 41 kg

This same pressure often dispenses even the criticism of others. The mirror is the worst tormentor. Faced with an image that does not correspond to what is desired (or expected), one faces the "overcoming" of losing weight. Whether this will make the person actually happier or not is up to each one.

The truth is, no one deserves to be judged for being fat or for being thin. It is important that each one take care of themselves the way they want. Living well with your body, whatever it is, is what matters.

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