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Disney removes "Fox" from the name of its new movie studios

by Ace Damon
Disney removes "Fox" from the name of its new movie studios

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Nearly a year after making the purchase of Fox official, Disney begins to update the names of companies involved in the deal. They lost the name of their former owner, as was already expected, and their new brands will be shown soon in new productions.

Disney changed the name of 20th Century Fox, which was renamed 20th Century Studios. The move also arrived at Fox Searchlight Pictures, which will be called Searchlight Pictures and has even changed the end of its employees' emails from "@ fox.com" to "@ searchlightpictures.com".

The aim of the update appears to be to avoid confusion between the companies that were bought and those that remained with their former owner. With the sale of some properties to Disney, Fox Corporation was created, which owns brands in the USA such as Fox News, Fox Sports and the open channel Fox.

The new studio logos acquired by Disney will appear for the first time in films that will debut in the coming weeks. Searchlight Pictures 'will appear on Downhill, which opens in the U.S. on January 26, and 20th Century Studios' will appear on Call of the Wild, to be released on February 21.

And despite the new names, Disney will not drastically change brand identity. 20th Century Studios, for example, will continue with its already known opening, which will only have the studio name change.

Disney has not yet decided what it will do with other brands it has bought that still bear the former owner's name, including producers 20th Century Fox Television and Fox 21 Television Studios. Because their brands are not so well known to the public, they can move on without change.

Disney's purchase of Fox took months to complete and ended with an investment of $ 71.3 billion. In addition to the film and TV divisions, the deal involved Fox, National Geographic and FX pay-TV channels, pay-TV networks in India and control of the Hulu service.

With information: Variety, The Verge.

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