Digital Ebooks Explained

Digital Ebooks Explained

If you want an easy way to get consistent web traffic, get a steady stream of email opt-in subscribers, and make repeat passive sales, then you can think about giving away or even selling a digital ebook or an information product online.

You can sell it on your own in PDF format, or you can have some other service such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing sell it for you.

Which should you use, The answer is you should use both.

A very easy way to share some kind of information like a how-to manual, a guide, or a report is to distribute it as a PDF document. This is the standard for shared information on the internet. All you have to do is type up whatever information you want into a Word Document. This can include text, tables, images and so on, and then when you go to save it, choose file, save as PDF and it will save it as a PDF file.

PDF files all are guaranteed to look the same no matter who looks at them, they are safe and they are easily passed around. But at the same time, anyone who reads a PDF cannot edit it, they are view only. And what you can do is save this PDF, upload it to a web server, link to it from a download page, set up a sales letter, and then create what is called a payment button through a service such as PayPal, where someone can see your sales letter, click that payment button and buy, and then they are redirected to the download page where they can click on and save that PDF file and read whatever instructions you have.

These instructions can be anything from how to run ten miles without stopping, how to lose ten pounds, how to flip a house, any kind of information people are willing to pay money for, you can sell online.

You can also give away a free report which is very similar, it just means that you have your download page once again, and you have not a sales letter but an opt-in page, a page that explains your free report. And instead of having a PayPal button, instead of asking someone to buy, you have an email sign up form.

You can sign up for an auto-responder at a service such as, and what happens is when someone fills in their first name and email address they are then redirected to that download page where they can download their PDF report.

Whether you’re giving a report or selling it, it’s always a good idea to place it on Amazon Kindle as well so you can make sales directly from Amazon. Amazon takes either 35 or 70 percent depending on which model you choose, and again all you have to do is provide with your Word Document and they will format it for reading on any Kindle device, which includes the Kindle itself and the IPhone, IPad Droid device, or even a Mac or a PC.

If you are thinking about making money online and selling your information, all you have to do is save as a PDF, put it online somewhere, and decide whether you’re going to charge money for it or give it away in exchange for an email opt-in.