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Democrats visit Cuba to visit health system

by Ace Damon

A delegation of 24 Americans, chaired by Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro and former Rep. Bill Delahunt, visited Cuba on Wednesday to learn about the island's health care system. According to the official news site of the Communist Party of Cuba, Granma, they were welcomed by Deputy Health Minister Marcia Cobas Ruiz, who informed them about the main results of the National Health System and the export of Cuban medical services. to 65 countries – such as the extinct program in partnership with the Brazilian government, Mais Médicos, which President Jair Bolsonaro calls "a true slave job."

Cuba and the United States signed two agreements in 2016 for collaboration in cancer control, research, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation. But these pacts were suspended under the administration of current US President Donald Trump. During the visit, DeLauro said that "politics should not be a problem when it comes to a sector like health, when it comes to saving lives, and we will continue to work on it," according to Granma.

On Monday, the US State Department announced restrictions on the entry of Cuban government officials linked to the US medical missions program, which, according to US officials, include exploitative and coercive labor practices. "Profiting from the work of Cuban doctors has been the practice of the Castros for decades, and continues to this day. These practices include demanding long hours of restless work, meager wages, insecure housing and restricted movement," the State Department said.


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