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Could Fast Charging Of 25W Reach All Galaxy S10 Models?

by Ace Damon
Could Fast Charging Of 25W Reach All Galaxy S10 Models

Fast loading of 25W can reach all Galaxy S10 models.

According to a leaker known in the community, it is possible that Samsung tries to implement faster charging for the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 + models.

Samsung’s three models currently support wired and wireless charging up to 15W.

It was said that the company also plans to implement a super night mode without a tripod.

The big question here is: how is it possible to change the electronic loading speed of the equipment already launched?

Currently, Samsung uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 in wireless charging.

Fast charging at 25W can undoubtedly benefit the Galaxy S10.

Therefore, the leaker Ice Universe states that the technology for speedier loading already exists in the Galaxy S10.

Thus, the problem should not be the hardware even because the Galaxy S10 5G will support 25W charging.

However, if this is true, it will mean that consumers have to buy a new adapter that supports 25W.

If it does, support for 25W would be released through a software update.

However, this whole situation is at least strange.

Samsung decided to launch the Galaxy S10 with Quick Charge 2.0 and a speed of 15W, below the common in the market of flagships.

We have Huawei with the P30 and P30 Pro boasting of charging at 22W and 40W, respectively.

There is also the Xiaomi Mi 9 with 27W and Oppo and One Plus with fast charge technologies well above 15W.

For now, the feedback on the autonomy of the Galaxy S10 has been positive.

However, good independence of the charger, with a high loading speed would be the perfect combination for the users.

It is essential to take this information with due caution because Samsung may only be ‘considering’ including it and not reflect final implementations.

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