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Consciously Explored Through The Singularity

by Ace Damon
Consciously Explored Through The Singularity

Has anyone ever had the feeling that they were special?

Not the pat on the head and told your special by grandma, special, but the feeling that you are the only real person, or that everyone lives for you in some way, or you feel like your life is extremely important in some big way?

I believe that the reason for this may be because we are all, actually, very special and the world does revolve around us all and, in a way, we are all the only one here. I know, I know, ridiculous, right?

Well, I think it may not be as ridiculous as one may think. I believe at the core of our being, our superconscious mind that guides us all from birth to death is one in the same with everyone around the world. I believe rather than having one soul each, we all share a single soul with the entirety of the universe.

Some would call it “God” or the “ether” or your “higher self” but for now, I like the term “God consciousness” but “singularity matrix” is the “scientific” term I would use. Understanding consciousness and our perspective is key.

We have free will and everything is predestined in these infinite realities. In every infinitesimal moment, we have the free will to choose from an infinite array of destinies. It is hardly “this, verses that”. It is almost always where both sides overlap, that the truth lay.

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God/singularity reconciles all opposites, polarity, and paradoxes. Everything (time, space, matter, consciousness) is and is driven by GOD/singularity.

All forces are unified into one singular force that is driven by the singularity at the center of all things from micro (atoms) to macro (galaxies) and back again through the one, yet infinite GOD/singularity.

The micro turns back into the macro through the GOD/singularity matrix. At the center of every atom, there is a singularity. There are infinite singularities everywhere/when, but only one. This is possible because the singularity is “where” all time space and matter transcend each other or spiral into and out of each other. This forms a singularity matrix if you will. This is actually space, time, matter, consciousness matrix.

The dumps and landfills of today will become the oil fields of tomorrow. What once was will be again what will be has been before. Singularity/GOD recycles eternally.

Because we are infinitely wealthy we cast pearls. There are many ways that lead you to truth and many truths that lead the way.

The other side to the physical world is singularity/GOD. We all (entire physical universe) come from singularity/GOD. This is life and creation. We are all going back to GOD/singularity. This is death or entropy.

Creation is always happening, just like entropy is always happening.

Consciously Explored Through The Singularity

Just like in math, everything works forward and backward. In physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. There is always an equal and opposite law. The key to understanding the ‘creation, destruction cycle’ is that one must understand singularity and its role in reconciling all opposites.

We are all witches and wizards. Any time we think, speak or do anything, we are actually casting spells. It would be wise to educate ourselves as to our own powers given to us by the divine source and it would be disrespectful to squander a gift from God.

We are all connected to everything through infinite singularity or “GOD”. This connection transcends time space and matter and is the consciousness of All. Do not hate or separate God loves even the devil.

The true perspective is most often not on any side alone. Altering one’s perspective has no risk, one can only gain more truth.

I don’t think that reptilians are actually shapeshifting. I believe that some people, who are sensitive or have become sensitive, are able to see the lower mind/hidden selves of others projected on the outside. The reptilian mind, in some people, is very strong and is often exhibited by a self-serving, survival of the fittest mentality. While the others, who can see them, often have strong higher consciousness energy. This gives them the innate desire to be serving of others and is often seen as a thriving of the symbiotic perspective.

People most often focus on the wrong part of evolution. It’s seen as competition driving evolution (dog eat dog). This is partially true. The larger side of evolution is the cooperative side of evolution (thriving and symbiosis). For example, coral and even our own bodies are made of many different smaller organisms(cells) working together to form larger organism working harmoniously.

This part is often looked over because of who we are as people, competition driven and our worldview filters how we see the world around us. In actuality, cooperation is far more abundant in nature than competition. We lived in a more symbiotic environment before we became arrogant and self-serving. This created a lack in our environment, forcing nature to change its strategies for balance.

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So we could today, realize that we are creating the dog eat dog world we live in. We need to live in a more symbiotic way so that we and our environment may return to a thriving state of being, not just surviving. Evolution is not linear. No being is any better or worse than any other, other than it’s ability to thrive/survive in certain environments.

All war and battles are fought over power and or perceived the power of one group or person over another group or person. this is a problem created by a falsely perceived hierarchy.

This self-perpetuating hierarchy can only be broken by understanding that it is made of many many hierarchies with-in hierarchies that go from the perceived top all the way down to countries then lower to states then down to counties and businesses down to the family and even our individual personalities.

This is the key to fixing the problem we are not all politicians or bosses or billionaires etc, but we are all people. We cannot change this from the “top”, although we may be able to form the “bottom” because everyone is a person. To stop the war and battles we must quell the battle within ourselves first do not let your logic dominate your intuition or vice versa also do not let any part of yourself rule over any other part.

Balance your sacred feminine and sacred masculine and all other perceived polarities allow all to work together in harmony within each of us. Do not tolerate anything but intolerance believes in yourselves and each other as you believe in GOD or a Higher Power. do this everyone with everyone in all our roles and see the world that will be once more.

It is also the fallacy of ownership that has kept us back from truly progressing. Everything comes from source anyhow. All of the creative people are actually channeling. Many inventions have been made that could have helped humanity away from fossil fuels and on to higher ways of attaining energy if these inventors hadn’t been keeping their inventions secret trying to make as much money on “their idea” as possible, then, they may have not been killed or subverted.

If you have something good, share it. If everyone did this we would be in a far better world, already, then we are in now.

In a few of my interdimensional experiences, it seemed as if I was riding inside of “the rainbow serpent” /bridal chamber. I believe it is a basic form the universe uses to construct itself and also allows consciousness to experience and explore anywhere/when/what.

Consciously Explored Through The Singularity

it is like the belly of singularity which is connected to infinite singularities by worm/snake whole that exists deepest within everything and leads to everywhere/when/thing. This singularity matrix is the original “internet/web” of the universe it is the cosmic womb to which everything is born from and returns to and yet always remains connected.

We have consciously explored through the singularity. Most of our work has been channeled from the one source(the infinite center). We all know these truths deep down, sometimes we are able to uncover them by digging deep through the layers we believed to be yourself.

There are many many ways of doing this. one of the biggest ways of realization we have rediscovered is taking the center perspective as your own as much as possible. The center perspective is the perspective at the center of all apparent opposing perspectives. Where all the perspectives overlap.

This will allow you to see, or open up to more truth around you. Also, we realized that your perspective filters the world you perceive. It is self-reinforcing which can lock people into certain perspectives or beliefs.

Research for yourself. The truth is far too complex and important for any one person, group, or government. all knowledge comes from and is kept by source consciousness.


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