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Company promises 10,000 mAh graphene battery and recharges in 20 minutes

by Ace Damon
Company promises 10,000 mAh graphene battery and recharges in 20 minutes

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Graphene has been taxed for some years with the solution to several technological problems, mainly in the field of batteries. The problem is that this promising future never comes. Well, a company called Real Graphene wants to change that perception. Among the promised solutions is the G-100, a portable battery (powerbank) of 10,000 mAh that can be recharged in 20 minutes.

Based in Los Angeles, Real Graphene develops graphene-enhanced batteries. It is not by chance that the speech of Samuel Gong, CEO of the company, is not that of graphene as technology of the future, but of the present: "we created a battery that can be recharged very quickly, it is very interesting and has a long life in terms of loads per cycle ", he says.

The executive himself explains that the company's technology allows a 3,000 mAh battery to take 20 minutes to be fully recharged using a 60 W charger while the market average is 90 minutes.

Gong also points out that Real Graphene's technology can allow the battery to support 1,500 charge cycles against an average ranging between 300 and 500 cycles in current standards. The company points out one more advantage: graphene batteries generate less heat, so they can be considered safer.

How is this possible? Gong explains: "Graphene is an incredible conductor of heat and electricity. Lithium doesn't like it when a lot of energy is put in and taken out of it. We apply graphene in two different ways. We mix it with the lithium solution and add a composite layer, like a leaf, to the lithium battery. This acts as a conductor of electricity and does not generate much heat ".

As it was implied, the company's batteries combine graphene and lithium, even for reasons of cost: graphene is still an expensive material. Despite this, the benefits can already be reaped. At least that's what Real Graphene suggests when addressing the G-100 battery.

The device will have 10,000 mAh capacity, three USB connections and can be fully recharged in 20 minutes if used with a 100 W charger. The kit should cost around US $ 100 when launched.

Real Graphene should launch something similar to this

For those who need even more capacity, Real Graphene should launch the G-100 Max model, which will have a capacity of 20,000 mAh and a full recharge time estimated at 40 minutes. Both versions are expected to be announced in a crowdfunding campaign.

But what matters most to Samuel Gong and his gang is the use of graphene batteries in smartphones and the like. The company understands that this scenario is not far from reality. There are even companies testing Real Graphene's technology, although names have not been revealed.

Anyway, Real Graphene says that, today, it is able to provide 100,000 batteries based on graphene if any manufacturer needs a small order. If necessary, in about a year, the company will be able to supply larger volumes. It's a beginning.

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