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Citroën ë-C4: new electric car is official and many of its already known …

by Ace Damon

The new Citroën ë-C4 was officially presented. The new family member of the Gallic manufacturer is due to arrive in Portugal in December in gasoline, diesel and electric versions. The 100% electrified version will have fast charging and a 50kWh battery.

The new Citroën vehicle will adopt a design that the brand showed us in several prototypes, such as the Ami One, which promises to revolutionize the electric mobility market. You can count on a climb from 0 to 100km / h in 9.7 seconds.

Citroën ë-C4 autonomy will be 350 km

In terms of details, the ë-C4 will have a 100kW or 136 hp engine. This has 260Nm of torque and the aforementioned 50kWh battery. This will provide you with a range of 350 km.

This is a vehicle capable of reaching 150 km / h, and where you will have the usual three driving modes available: Eco, Normal and Sport. If you use your fast charge, you can charge up to 80% in half an hour.

Citroën ë-C4

If you use a Wallbox to charge it, it will take between 5 hours (three-phase system) and 7:30 am in a single-phase system. If you choose to charge it in a domestic outlet, it will take 15 hours (16A reinforced outlet) or more than 24 hours in an ordinary outlet.

You can count on 20 driving support technologies. These include the Head-Up Display, as well as semi-autonomous driving on a motorway circuit.

Citroën ë-C4

As a Citroën brand, a big bet on comfort has been made. The brand says that these will be the most comfortable vehicles in the segment thanks to their seats, and you will have access to a 10-inch touch screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration.

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