Citizen Eco Watches - Are Timeless
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Citizen Eco Watches – Are Timeless

Over the years Citizen has experimented with various eco friendly watch styles. Some didn’t really work as well as others and were discontinued, but there is one premier eco friendly watch, the line of Citizen eco watches.

These watches run on light, any type of light, not just sunlight. The technology is so advanced that some models of watches can hold their charge and keep running (if their battery was fully charged to begin with) for years, yep, I said years with no additional light source.

Citizen has perfected the technology of converting solar energy into electricity and than storing it in a lithium-ion battery. This all starts with the unique watch face that actually transfers more of the light directly into the solar cell which is located directly behind the watch face.

Many models of Eco-Drive watches have an internal time keeping mechanism that can keep accurate time. Some of these models will conserve energy by stopping the movement of the hands, but the internal mechanism is still keeping accurate time.

As soon as you take your watch out and wear it and expose it to some light, it will immediately and automatically reset itself to the proper time.

Eco-Drive watches come in a wide variety of styles and prices. They are made for both men and woman and they also offer several specialty watches, such as those geared to scuba divers and pilots.

Many Citizen watches are quite expensive and come loaded with a mother of pearl face and diamonds accentuating the hour hands and even on the crown.

There are also much less dressy styles available. If you are more into the causal styling of a leather or even a rubber watch band and a more ‘outdoorsy’ style watch, Citizen has something for you too.

And even though Citizen watch company has been the biggest watch manufacturer for over 2 decades, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune to have one of these beautiful timepieces. Some models will run as low are $125.

Of course, some of the more full featured, diamond encrusted styles will cost considerably more, Citizen does provide a fairly large number of choices which will fit virtually any budget and style.

If you have a big occasion coming up, say a wedding, anniversary or even a promotion, giving a Citizen watch may be the best way to commemorate your big day. Wouldn’t it be nice if your special someone thought of you every time they looked at their new watch,

To find the perfect Citizen watch for you (or that special someone who you are buying it for) just go down to your nearest department store or jewelry store to look over the collection and find the perfect watch for you.

Of course, you can also go online, just make sure you are careful where you shop online. Sometimes that great deal is just a great deal of hype. Don’t get taken.

To get a great looking, rugged and dependable watch that never needs a battery, take a look at Citizen eco watches today.